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From our blog

The idea that became Lead Graffiti was born while exploring design in London. Over the years, we have aquired a healthy dose of experience and a great collection of presses, type and an Intertype C4 linecaster.


Our Lead Graffiti studio in Newark, Delaware provides plenty of room to think, work and play with letterpress and bookmaking... Click to read more


We have a wide variety of presses and cases of type at our disposal. To see our inventory click here


We have a wide variety of type. To see our inventory click here

About Us

Jill Cypher

Jill loves the hands-on involvement with letterpress and bookbinding. A longtime voracious reader and avid crossword puzzler, Jill is focusing more of her illustration and design techniques into Lead Graffiti book-related projects... Read more about Jill

Ray Nichols

Ray was awarded the title of "Grandmaster" from the Art Directors Club of New York in 2008. He was coordinator of Visual Communications at the University of Delaware from 1978 to 2005 where he helped found Raven Press... Read more about Ray

Tray Nichols

Tray is the resident computer wizard and master mechanic on our Intertype C4 and two Heidleberg Windmills. Tray has worked in advertising as a retoucher in Manhattan and Denver. He is also an active participant in Star Wars costuming ... Read more about Tray

Bill Roberts

Bill has operated Bottle of Smoke Press in Dover, Delaware, since 2002. We collaborate on the design, printing and binding of many BoSP projects and Bill often is seen in our studio working on printing and binding... Read more about Bill

Mike Kaylor

Mike teaches letterpress printing and book arts at Washington, College in Chestertown, MD where he also directs the Lit Press, a publishing component of the Literary House... Read more about Mike