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Global Agenda lecture seriesGlobal Agenda lecture series

Global Agenda lecture series


John Bolton / Global Agenda lecture series

This was one of a set of seven posters for a lecture series at the University of Delaware. This one was our favorite for John Bolton, the controversial nominee at the time to the United Nations, who was to speak about the global nuclear threat.

The main typography in this piece is also included in ‘typeart’ where you can see a magnified version.

Size: 18” x 24”

Edition: 50 copies of each

Production notes: 4 runs

Hand rolling of the color behind the upper left logo was done on approximately 400 sheets. The logo was then printed from a photopolymer plate. A proof was pulled to use as a template showing where the large wood type would fall. The hand rolling was done behind that area on approximately 60 sheets. The large wood type was also hand rolled. Then all of the black text was printed at one time using the press inking system.

Click on image for more detail which will also show three more posters in the series.