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<i>award certificate :</i><br><b>Art Directors Club of New York</b>

award certificate :
Art Directors Club of New York

Award certificate for Grandmasters exhibition

     Click image for more detail.

This was a serious opportunity to push the letterpress envelope. The photograph used to promote the awards ceremony was a gilded frame with 20 smaller gilded frames inside of it. We were asked if we want to print the certificate as Ray was one of the honorees. We said "Yes!" and then tried to figure out how to do it. Tray did the computer work breaking the image down into four vector-based images (not halftoned color separations).
When we show it to someone else who prints via letterpress we always say, "Feel it." They always run their hands across the calligraphy and say, "Nice." Then we say, "No. Across the frames." They usually let out a quiet gasp.
You can see a description of the printing process in our blog.

Size: 10" x 12"

Stock: American Masters White

Runs: Nine (image is four plates and two of them were run with a second run of yellow to heighten the gilding)

Edition: 1 each of 5 names