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Studio & press rental


Get some ink on your hands.

We invite anyone who has completed a technical workshop with Lead Graffiti to rent the use of the studio and equipment. Previous working experience (through career, school or technical workshop from other sources) is also acceptable, but you need to be able to prove it.

To be eligible to rent either studio space or equipment, users must fulfill three preliminary requirements.

Press rental

You are welcome and encouraged to rent the equipment covered in a Lead Graffiti technical workshop you attended. Press rental includes only the time the press is actually engaged during makeready, printing and wash up and is available by reservation.

Pricing includes minimal input on the part of Lead Graffiti staff. Depending on how much individual attention you need, you may incur additional costs.

Studio rental

Anyone who has completed a Lead Graffiti technical letterpress or bookmaking workshop is welcome to use the studio for personal projects beyond the workshop sessions.

Studio rental fee is $10 an hour available by reservation with a week's notice.

Studio rental includes temporary project storage space and access to type, tabletop presses and the paper cutter (for letterpress participants), or bookbinding tools, nipping press, board shears, and paste paper tools (for bookmaking participants). The cost of letterpress ink, within reason, is included. Rental does not include materials such as paper, book board, book cloth, paste or glue.

If you want to rent time on our Vandercooks

Please read this thoroughly.

Completion of this technical workshop is a prerequisite for being able to rent our Vandercook presses for your own personal, commercial or student projects. While we are willing to help guide new renters through their first couple of jobs, it is important for you to quickly become self reliant, so taking good notes, asking lots of good questions, and staying in close during discussions and demonstrations is critical. It is also important to note that we are a working studio, so press reservations must be made far enough in advance to allow us to adjust our schedule. Additionally, we offer a number of workshops and your use of the Vandercooks will not interfere with some of them.

It is additionall important to note that it is important that the first rental for a personal project should happen fairly soon after the workshop so you don't forget all that you learned. Operating a press isn't exactly like riding a bike, where you never seem to forget how to do it. And if you are working for a client, professional quality work is critical if you ever want to work with them again.

Those renting our equipment will also have access to our wood & metal type inventory, though care must be exercised if producing deep-impression printing. For deeper impression work we require that you use photopolymer plates or your own type. We also provide access to two sizes of paper cutters, board shears, our ink inventory, perforator, paper drill, a variety of other useful equipment, solvent, and rags which are all included in the rental price.

Rental charges are divided into two categories—the presses and then the studio space. For instance, if you used Lead Graffiti's Vandercook SP15 for 4 hours (4 x $25 an hour) and then spent 4 hours mixing ink, using the cutter and perforator (4 x $10 an hour for the studio charge) your total cost would be $140.

This charge can be paid by check or by credit card at the studio, but the entire bill must be paid in full the same day as the work was done. Additionally, you can pay ahead of time and then we'll bill against that if you like, but you must be paid up at the end of each session.

For your own projects, you must supply your own paper, although you may purchase Lead Graffiti house papers which we have in stock.

We often do things we calle "shorternships" where someone can come in to help us do some of our work to help keep your skills up to speed. There is no charge for this kind of involvement. Just tell us when you want to come in with a few days notice, and we can probably schedule something for you.