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 Next story :  Stage 13

Next story : Stage 13


TdLG / 2011 : Stage 3
"1, hc, hc!"

Ah, the Pyrenées. A long, pretty tough category 1 mountain to warm up on and then two hors catégorie (means 'out of category').

A couple of rather strange crashes happened early on when breaks would lock up and cyclists would go skidding through the cars lining the road (our two red arrows). One included the Yellow Jersey. Seemed like everyone survived it OK except, I suspect, for the adreneline rush that would ramp up on every hairpin curve after that.

The first HC was Col du Tourmalet which has that nice 'tour' in the middle of it. High. We thought a bit of blind debossing would work nicely (though not on a scan) with some handrolling on the bottom of the type to help put the peak into the clouds.

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It was Bastille Day and we were rooting for any Frenchman that took a shot at winning the stage. We decided to add a few Bastille fireworks to our visual crashes and to highlight the date that is printed with the signature block. Visiting contributor Bill Roberts gets credit for the fireworks idea. Bill brought a nice bottle of French wine to celebrate Bastille Day. After the bottle was emptied we discussed overtaking the Newark, Delaware jail and releasing all of its political prisoners. After the wine wore off we decided against it.

In the end it was Samuel Sanchez of Euskaltel - Euskadi who was first over the finish line in a great struggle that had Frank Schleck of Team Leopard-Trek fast closing the gap and coming in 3rd. Our favorite Andy Schleck, also of Leopard-Trek came in 6th. The two brothers made for some interesting fireworks in the closing kilometers of a tough mountain stage.

We wanted to play with the type and noticed that the four important cyclists to us all had Cs in their names so we substituted their place in the stage for the letters. Nice that Schleck has two. A little color hightlight for the Yellow Jersey and two highlights for Bastille Day and we were done.