Help us build the Heritage Press Education Center

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From The Lancaster Heritage Press Museum:

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. The Lancaster Heritage Press Museum and The .918 Club are raising funds to create a new Heritage Press Education Center to preserve and promote letterpress printing and the book arts. 

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In the beginning…

THADDEUS STEVENS COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY generously offered The .918 Club the use of the Naval Reserve Training Center building at its Orange Street campus. This 70-year-old, 3,000-square-foot building needs to be restored to bring its systems up to code and be ADA compliant.

The updated facility will greatly expand the classroom, studio and exhibition space available for workshops in letterpress printing, paper making, book binding and other educational experiences. The construction work has already begun and continues as quickly as material and labor costs are funded by generous businesses and individuals. 

Here's what we've done so far:

THE LANCASTER HERITAGE PRESS MUSEUM'S .918 VOLUNTEERS have been working to create a Center for Letterpress, Printmaking, Paper & the Book Arts. We want to be able to provide these programs to more individuals, Scouts, community groups and educational institutions.

There is an emphasis on hands-on education at the proposed Heritage Press Education Center. This vision adds to our downtown Lancaster museum where The .918 Club volunteers demonstrate printing in our recreated 1920‘s era letterpress print shop.

The .918 Club's knowledgeable volunteers have also been preserving letterpress printing presses, type and other equipment, bringing them back to life for use at the Heritage Press Education Center. Letterpress has been experiencing a renaissance, especially among young professional designers and book artists.

You can help

FROM BEN FRANKLIN'S TIME TO THE PRESENT, the Lancaster area has made notable contributions to the history of printing. The demand for reviving the traditions of craftsmanship and learning to apply them to the future, to printing and the book arts is significant. 

With your help, new generations will be able to appreciate and learn the processes of one of man's oldest and greatest achievements—printing. Please choose a giving level and receive a reward:


Thanks for Helping to “Keep the Craft Alive!”
A huge THANK YOU, an air high-five and a letterpress print by .918 Club Volunteers of “This is a Printing Office” by Beatrice Warde.

Letterpress Printed Coasters
Set of 12 letterpress themed coasters by .918 Club Volunteers to protect your table top from your tasty beverages.

Letterpress Printed Postcards
Set of the 4 letterpress themed postcards by .918 Club Volunteers, plus your name will be displayed on the “Friends of The .918 Club” donor plaque.

Letterpress Printed Poster
Letterpress printed 3-color poster by .918 Club Volunteers, plus your name will be displayed on the “Friends of The .918 Club” donor plaque.

Letterpress Theme T-shirt
Letterpress theme T-shirt design, plus your name will be displayed on the “Friends of The .918 Club” donor plaque.

California Job Case Sponsor Cut
A letterpress theme T-shirt design and the set of 6 letterpress coasters, plus a $100 Sponsor cut.

Letterpress & Craft Beer Workshop
Individual coaster printing at Typothecary Letterpress Studio, Lancaster, PA, plus beer pairing at Wacker Brewery, (10 seats available. Will schedule them for one or two dates), plus a $100 Sponsor cut.

Letterpress Individual Workshop
Receive a workshop (Technical or Creative) for yourself OR a friend for any workshop at Lead Graffiti, Newark, DE, worth up to and including $100, plus a $500 Patron cut.

Letterpress Buddy Bonding Workshop
Receive a workshop (Technical or Creative) of your choice for you AND a friend from Lead Graffiti, plus a $1000 Benjamin Franklin Society Member cut and lifetime membership in The .918 Club.

One Letterpress Printing Group & Craft Beer Workshop
Receive a coaster printing plus beer pairing workshop for a group up to 10 at Typothecary Letterpress, Lancaster, PA, plus a $1000 Benjamin Franklin Society Member cut and lifetime membership in The .918 Club.

Group Creative Letterpress Workshop
Receive a Lead Graffiti Creative Letterpress workshop of your choice which may include up to 15 people depending on the workshop, and lifetime membership in The .918 Club with free lifetime studio time.