AAUW Delaware

High school awards for excellence

IT'S A MAJOR DAY when you can get involved in a project that could change someone's life. This is about an orphaned, worthy project looking for a home.

The story begins with all those news articles about trying to encourage women to work in the science and mathematics fields. Rebecca, a good friend, was President at the time of the local chapter of AAUW (American Association of University Women). She wanted to give an award to the outstanding graduating female student in science and math at each of Delaware's 54 high schools.

She reached out to Lead Graffiti for some design and printing help to make a credible and handsome award that would encourage the potential within these young women. Even though this project is a little easier coming from a small state, the logistics of contacting and coordinating with over 50 high schools can be like trying to herd cats.

Crunch time game plan

CERTAINLY, ALL THE NAMES of the chosen winners would arrive sporadically toward the various ends of the semester for the various schools. We needed a few strategies for being timely with over 50 one-of-a-kind certificates.

  • Pre-print all the common elements without the names to get a head start.
  • Handset the names in metal so any last-minute additions or corrections can be made on the spot.
  • Run a test print of the name on a larger sheet of paper to check for spelling, ink density, or damaged type. 
  • Bonus : Fold that larger sheet in half to create a tidy presentation folder for the certificate. 

Lost & found

WE DID THIS PROJECT for 2 years before the AAUW, unfortunately, abandoned the project. We are currently seeking another sponsor to adopt and promote the cause with our letterpress help—College of Engineering at the University of Delaware, DuPont Experimental Station, W.L. Gore, someone with some money and pull.

It gives us great satisfaction to know that somewhere, a young woman from Delaware decided to pursue a career in science or math because of an unexpected "attagirl" at a tipping point in her life.

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