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All preservation is merely theoretical …

a keepsake for the APHA national conference

YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT, but sometimes you get what you need. This print came about in the early days of Lead Graffiti when we craved, but did not have, a bunch of really cool wood type. We wanted to raise the Lead Graffiti profile a notch and make a meaningful keepsake that everyone could take home from the APHA (American Printing History Association) national conference. The theme that year was "Saving the History of Printing." 

Earlier in the year, Jill & Ray visited the Museum of Printing, then located in North Andover, Massachusetts. Gardner LePoer, whose collection is highlighted at the museum, was showing us around and made the statement reflected in the broadside. It fit the conference theme perfectly.

So, lacking the typical cool type, we reached for the odds & ends, the forgotten heroes of our collection—the orphan letters that are too good to toss. It took about a day to arrange the letters and lock them all tightly in position, but the effort was worth the trouble. These misfits speak much more eloquently about preserving history than any single typeface ever could.

Letter bug

SOME NICE TOUCHES to the layout are worth mentioning:

  • A dollar sign and cent sign (you don't find many of these in wood type) help emphasize the need for money in conserving old things.
  • The italic A in "can't" is intended to emphasize an alternative meaning for the word without the apostrophe.
  • The O with the circumflex in "roof" just helps make the point.
  • The Y in "you" is made up of a V and an exclamation point.
  • The plus sign at the end was a reference to the need for first aid for preservation purposes.

Print specs


Sorry—this print is currently sold out.

  • Designed and handset in multiple unidentified antique wood types
  • Printed via letterpress in black and hand rolled metallic gold, on a Vandercook Universal III
  • Limited edition of 150 prints
  • Size 15" x 22" acid-free Stonehenge white, 250 gsm, with deckled edges at top & bottom

Next broadside entry : Wings - a wedding poem