Rethinking holiday presents

Originally we designed and printed our Alphabetachos No. 1 broadside. We had been to Barnes & Noble where we often buy jigsaw puzzles, especially around the Christmas holidays.

When we got back home we Googled for picture puzzle makers. We thought it would be fun to work with a fairly white image and the cropping established an all white border and a number of rows of pieces that required that you go through the pieces one-by-one trying to fit them in. I quit working on the puzzle 5 times before I finally got the majority of the white area done. As it turned out, the colored alphabet wasn't a lot easier. We had piles of pieces in the various colors and combinations of colors stacked everywhere.

Here is a short film of us starting the puzzle.

We have an interesting idea for a picture puzzle series that you  might see on here sometime in the future.

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