I suspect this is our favorite wedding invite that we designed.

The couple came in to talk about the invite. We always start with conversation trying to find out something about the couple that is special, that makes them different from any others.

They liked making beer. They were getting married at a brewery. They were making their own beer for the reception.

Hmmm. How about a wedding invited made from beer coasters. The idea took about 8 minutes. 

Printed on coaster thick stock in a sheet 16" x 12", trimmed to 4" x 4", and corner rounded, the pieces were mailed in a box. We love the idea that when it got to the guest list there wasn't a hint of what it was. The coasters were mixed up inside and rotated in different directions, so you had to put it together before you had any idea what it was for. We like having an idea that the guest appreciate a cool wedding invite. Three different people sent the framed invitation back.

We think that was a positive recommendation.

Next invitation : I like peacock feathers