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WHYY-TV’s Best of 2014

Back in June 2014 WHYY-TV in Philadelphia, who does a weekly show on goings-on in Delaware, did a nice segment on Lead Graffiti.

They’ve just listed their WHYY’s Best of 2014 entitled “First for Friday, December 19, 2014.” Quite nicely and totally unexpected, we are listed first and are the opening segment. Seriously, how nice is all of that.

Below you can see an image of Jill from the segment. They interviewed the 3 of us, filming every corner of our studio. I think we came off pretty well, even mentioning goosebumps twice. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Link to WHYY-TV Best of Delaware 2014.

Our segment starts at 00:44 and runs through 4:23. You can also see our link to our original blog post about the segment which links to a standalone version of the video.

John Nash (1928–2015) & Alicia Nash (1933-2015)

John Nash (1928–2015) & Alicia Nash (1933-2015)

Visit by Jim Moran of the Hamilton Type Museum to Lead Graffiti