Burning Man and Lead Graffiti's journal

In the Fall of 2016, Ray's daughter Terre went to Burning Man. For the uninformed this description from Wikipedia.

Burning Man is an annual gathering in the western United States at Black Rock City—a temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada, approximately 100 miles (160 km) north-northeast of Reno. This experiment in community and art is influenced by ten main principles: 

  • radical inclusion,
  • self-reliance, and self-expression,
  • community cooperation,
  • civic responsibility,
  • gifting,
  • decommodification,
  • participation,
  • immediacy, and 
  • leaving no trace.

Terre wanted something to take out there to contribute. It is always fun to make a specific journal / keepsake for such occasions that allow you to keep a to-do list, record a daily journal, write down email addresses and the like.

So, we made something like 200 copies that she could take and give to anyone toward whom she felt a connection. In the end, we think she needed a few more.

The photo at the top is Terre with Andrew, the lead designer for the "man" for 2016 with one of Terre's books. Nice.. We wonder if he wrote anything in it.


Above is an image of Andrew's Burning Man at the end with celebratory fireworks. I think the figure is something like 60 feet high.



Above shows the covers on the feedboard of our Vandercook Universal III while they were being printed. The stock is Terre's favorite color.


Above shows us driving to Washington, DC, for an American Printing History Association gathering. Jill is using the time to work on sewing the books.


Terre told us she had posted a photo of the book on Instagram. The only problem with that is there are thousands of other people doing the same thing. After an hour of pouring through Instagram, we finally found Terre's image of the book. Even when you know what you are looking for and speed through all of the pictures it still takes a bit of time to get through 60,000 of them.

If you've never been, it might be worth looking into it. I think we've aged past the opportunity. YouTube has some killer compilation movies of the goings-on.

Below is an aerial photo of the Burning Man metropolis in 2016. Now imagine that a week later it is "completely" gone. The circle shows where the group with which she was associated was located.