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Touch-worthy books

YOU'LL FIND THAT LETTERPRESS and hand-bound books are physically and spiritually connected. Little affects your senses and emotions more than the exciting touch and colors of luscious papers, and the extra-sensory connection to the hours of passionate craftsmanship that went into the bound gem in your hands.

Here you'll find a range of books with all kinds words and images : poetry, a time capsule, reference works, personal stories, and more. With just a touch, a handmade book has the power to connect, to persuade, to make a simple moment, or something complicated, endure. What's your story?

Electric Fire from the Clouds
a collaboration between Ray Nichols, Martha Carothers, James Priestly, & Ben Franklin

How Ink Writes Poetry
a poetic look through liquid eyes


Chesapeake Meander
a collaboration between Jill Cypher & Deborah Arnold

a typographic collection of sorts


Moments Carved in Paper no. 1 : The Librarian Made Us Do it!
How we fell into letterpress without any warning.


Moments Carved in Paper no. 2 : eifleS!
Ray's favorite story about each of his parents


Moments Carved in Paper no. 3 : Switching on!
Grading as a textbook


Moments Carved in Paper no. 4 : Endurance Letterpress
The story of 115 Tour de France posters in 115 days with 4 breaks


Box Car Poems 1 - 12
by John Dorsey


Leonard Baskin exhibition catalog
for the Delaware Art Museum


Thunder Road / a benefit for the Tree House School / London
essay by Nick Hornby, lyrics by Bruce Springsteen

The Multifaceted Mr. Morris
exhibition labels transformed into book

A Swarm of Bs
an exchange / a keepsake for dinner

Birthdayscape 2009
a birthday journal for a friend and guests

Histories of Newark : 1758 - 2008
300 pages of design and photography fun

Creative Letterpress workshop meander books
collections in Special Collections / University of Delaware and the Library of Congress