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 2016 re-printing of the "Easter Rising 1916" broadside

2016 re-printing of the "Easter Rising 1916" broadside

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Broadsides : size is everything

IT'S ALL ABOUT SCALE. Scale gives an energetic flair and an undeniable presence to broadsides. They demand your attention. Our personal broadsides are usually crafted in handset type from our collection, and without the potential restraint of a client, which can expand the latitude for serious experimenting, seeing what happens, talking things out, and collaborating with others.

When starting a new broadside, we really look forward to playing with the letters—using a typeface we haven't tried before, tweaking the positioning and readability (or lack thereof), and maybe adding lots of color and texture through some painterly hand rolling. Whatever we try, it's important that the layout, color and technique respect and support the theme of the broadside.

We hope you enjoy scrolling through this small selection of broadsides below, and we would like to remind you that every one of them is printed slowly & patiently via letterpress by Lead Graffiti, Newark, Delaware. 

Some are here because we love their creativity. Some are here because we think it is an interesting application of letterpress to solution. Sometimes they formed a good story we want to tell.

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Tour de Lead Graffiti / 2011 - 2015
115 broadsides as a day-by-day cycling journal

Clicking the image above will take you to our Tour de Lead Graffiti projects. We followed live on TV for 23 consecutive days from 2011 through 2015. Each day we produced a 14.5" x 22.5" broadside. We typically averaged about 17 hours a day (115 hours a week), included about 130 collaborators, ran sheets through our Vandercook Universal III making approximately 54,000 impressions

Alphabetachaos no. 1 : a wood type specimen sheet


Rock 'n Rroll lyrics : ZZ Top's La Grange
with a friend who was moving to Austin, Texas.

In remembrance of the Boston Marathon bombing
on what just happened to be Shakespeare's birthday.

A rock 'n roll lyrics afternoon diversion for a
Newark Arts Alliance benefit auction.

A contribution to the Oxford University's Bodleian Library
celebration for Shakespeare's 400th birthday.

A keepsake for attendees of the American Printing History Association's annual conference.

A poet's gift for his brothers wedding

One of a pair of semester Columbia University's
library speaker series

Yep. We agree with James Victore.
An letterpress is king in that world.

So what could you put on a broadside for
Edgar Allan Poe's birthday.

eBay. 30 pounds of metal type. Poor packing.
What could we possibly do to celebrate?

We love the idea of parallel universes.
Sometimes we like to slide over into one.

Some thank you's just fall out of the experience.

Reprinting the Irish Declaration of Independence was a typographic blast

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