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WORKSHOP : Resolution #1 : Declaration of Acceptance

WE JUST THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE FUN, so we decided to give it a try and for half price. When Ray was teaching University-level design courses in creative thinking, a book he loved for a textbook was The Universal Traveler. It broke creative problem-solving into 7 stages. The first stage was ACCEPTANCE — understanding and accepting the need for a solution

Declaration of Acceptance is one of 15 or so strategies explained in the book for successfully following through on stage 1. It instructs you to seriously declare your intentions to a person or persons whom would be significantly disappointed if you didn't follow through to give you an extra push to jump off the high board into the pool. Let's make a typographic postcard you can send to friends as your personal "Declaration of Acceptance" to start 2018 off with a billboard bang.

I'm not exactly what we from Lead Graffiti will declare, but we'll do one for us with you, and we'll try to make it loud.

And then sign your name nice and big, put a stamp on it, and put it in the mail.