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study abroad trip from June 3 to July 8

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Guidelines for applying to the Department of Fine Arts & Visual Communications

Recent news, events, awards, jobs, etc.
from the Visual Communications Group

July 2006

July birthdaysMarissa Paskewich (2nd, VC'08), Keri Yapaolo (4th, VC'06), Jessie Bazata (7th, VC'05), Ringo Starr (7th, Beatles, b. 1940), Andrew Zolty (10th, VC'02), Georg Trump (10th, type designer, b. 1896), Helmut Krone (16th, art director, b. 1925), Matt Terranova (17th, VC'06), Kurt Mueller (19th, VC'91), Chris Bram de Does (19th, type designer, b. 1934), Phil Cohen (25th, VC'04), Sarah Salvatoriello (25th, VC'04), Jessi Taylor (25th, VC'06), Jenny Kraemer (27th, VC'06), Terre Nichols (27th, VC'88), Caitlin Davis (29th, VC'08), Claire Pasquariello (30th, VC'03).

Dean's list for Spring / 2006 included 68 students in or headed toward Visual Communications. There were an additional 46 students from the Fine Arts concentrations making the list.

Class of '06
Dana Abrams
Kathleen Cunningham
Allison Fisch
Jennifer Fose
Lana Frankel
David Huynh
Jenny Kraemer
Dan Lisowski
Tara Mangini
Alison Medland
Holly Messick
Lauren Moore
Stephanie Patrizio
Ioanna Philippou
Pete Radocaj
Samuel Resta
Rachel Roberto
Vince Straszewski
Luke Watkins
Janelle Wettour
Keri Yapaolo

Class of '07
Courtney Bowditch
Richelle Chapman
Debbie Carleton
John Clifford
Greg Coleman
Amy Hanenberg
Amanda Illuzzi
Megan Isom
Stacy Kleber
Melissa Lentz
Danielle Pacheco
Sarah Rosenthal
Haley Smith
Adam Tatz

Class of '08
Jillian Abramson
Jessie Bogart
Eric Collins
Danielle Delaney
Joey Ellis
David Giordano
Jessica Harte
Courtney Heffernan
Lindsey King
Lauren McElroy
Erin Mellow
Alicia Nigara
Larry Pipitone
Anthony Romano

Class of '09
Marc Anderson
Arielle August
Emily Brannon
Steve Bush
Allison Casey
Jen Gawryluk
Jessica Giles
Julianne Hamilton
Marianna Ludensky
Hillary Luvshis
Brooke Maguire
Erin Pleasanton
Ellen Porter
Sara Scholl
Katie Smith
Emily Taigen
Justin Weber
Stacey Wiley
Emily Zuckerman

June 2006

Nicholas Mordecai (VC Advertising Design / '05) has accepted a position as Junior Art Director at Draft FCB Group as of June 16. Nicholas will be working on the Verizon account and already has several projects that have the greenlight for production.

On Saturday, June 3, all 31 students of the VC class of 2007 left for the Visual Communications Study Abroad in London, UKClick here to see the itinerary.

Raymond Nichols has announced his retirement from the University of Delaware.

Ray has taught at the University since 1974 and was the coordinator of the Visual Communications Group from 1978 - 2005. During that time he was the major professor to six of the seven VC winners of the prestigious University of Delaware Presidential Citation Award which is annually awarded to UD graduates from the past 20 years (70,000+). He has guided the advertising design program to national prominence being ranked in the top 20 advertising design programs in the United States by Creativity Magazine in March 2005. The work of his 4th-year ad design students has been included in The One Club for Art & Copy's annual invitational exhibition which includes the top 25 programs in the world for the past six years. Ray has been awarded the Excellence-in-Teaching award. In conjunction with his teaching he was co-director of Raven Press and co-director of the Visual Communications / United Kingdon (VCUK) study abroad program to London. Currently he had also been a professor in the Center for Material Culture Studies and was coordinator of the Minor in Interactive Media. Ray will be on sabbatical for the fall semester and will officially retire at the end of the year.

May 2006

Ah, graduation. Saturday, May 27, 2006.

Dana Abrams (VC Graphic Design / '06)
Nikki Bernardo (VC Graphic Design / '06)
Phil Conway (VC Graphic Design / '06)
Kathleen Cunningham (VC Graphic Design / '06)
Allison Fisch (VC Advertising Design / '06)
Jennifer Fose (VC Graphic Design / '06)
Lana Frankel (VC Illustration / '06)
Elizabeth Grace-Rutledge (VC Illustration / '06)
David Huynh (VC Advertising Design / '06)
Ted Kolodzey (VC Illustration / '06)
Jenny Kraemer (VC Graphic Design / '06)
Dan Lisowski (VC Illustration / '06)
Tara Mangini (VC Applied Photography / '06)
Alison Medland (VC Graphic Design / '06)
Holly Messick (VC Applied Photography / '06)
Lauren Moore (VC Graphic Design / '06)
Pat Moore (VC Applied Photography / '06)
Stephanie Patrizio (VC Graphic Design / '06)
Ioanna Philippou (VC Illustration / '06)
Pete Radocaj (VC Applied Photography / '06)
Rachel Roberto (VC Graphic Design / '06)
Carson Sloan (VC Graphic Design / '06)
Vince Straszewski (VC Graphic Design / '06)
Jessi Taylor (VC Illustration / '06)
Matt Terranova (VC Illustration / '06)
Paul Wachter (VC Advertising Design / '06)
Luke Watkins (VC Graphic Design / '06)
Janelle Wettour (VC Illustration / '06)
Keri Yapaolo (VC Advertising Design / '06)

Nicholas Mordecai (VC Advertising Design / '05) has accepted a position as junior art director at Draft Worldwide in New York City. He will be working on the consumer advertising team for Verizon.

Add a Gold Pencil from D&AD, one of the stingiest competitions on the planet, to Franklin Tipton's (VC Advertising Design / '91) résumé for his work on Mini. This has been a good year for that client spread over a couple of campaigns. Likely the most awarded campaign of the year. There were 24,500 entries to the competition, 142 nominations, 54 Gold Pencils, and 2 Black Pencils. Franklin's work for 'Counterfeit Mini' won a Gold Pencil in Direct CD-ROM & DVD Design and nominations in Integrated Advertising and Direct TV & Cinema Commercials.

 Visual Communications threw its big end of the year bash with YES (Year-End Show) with approximately 1,200 pieces of work including final portfolios from our fourth-year students, samples from most all of our assignments in the 2nd- and 3rd-year classes along with Raven Press at the University of Delaware, and professional work from many of our graduates; senior video premiere; the VC yearbook which turned out great; and then to top it all off, a party for the 4th-year students. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

A variety of awards were given out to celebrate outstanding bodies of work for individual students and also for individual projects. When you look at the list it looks like everyone got one, but there were 1,200 pieces in the show out of an estimated 5,700 projects possible. Then out of the 1,200 only 83 won awards. So the percentage out of all of the year's projects was 1.45% and out of the work included in the show it was only 6.91%.

VC Faculty Award for Advertising Design
. . . Paul Wachter (VC Advertising Design / '06)

VC Faculty Award for Graphic Design
. . . Jenny Kraemer (VC Graphic Design / '06)

VC Faculty Award for Illustration
. . . Lana Frankel (VC Illustration / '06)

VC Faculty Award for Applied Photography
. . . Tara Mangini (VC Applied Photography / '06)
. . . Pete Radocaj (VC Applied Photography / '06)

The Robert Geuder Prize to the Outstanding Third-Year Student
. . . Adam Tatz

Drew Haines Award for Outstanding Student in Interactive Design
. . . Melissa Lentz

Craig Cutler Awards for Outstanding Use of Photography
. . . 2nd-year - Joey Ellis / Roots
. . . 2nd-year - Eric Sailer / Farenheit 451
. . . 3rd-year - Haley Smith / Holga photos
. . . 4th-year - Tara Mangini / Calendar

Justin Howes awards for outstanding typography
. . . 2nd-year - Christine Faulkner / Paul Jones typography
. . . 3rd-year - Courtney Bowditch / Wine labels
. . . 4th-year - Jen Fose / Tea Company

Brad Talley Awards for Outstanding Moment
. . . 2nd-year - Eric Sailer / Farenheit 451
. . . 3rd-year - Courtney Bowditch / Wine labels
. . . 4th-year - Luke Watkins / Snowboards

Second-Year 'Moments of Creative Brilliance" awards
. . . John Amelchenko / Record cover
. . . Eric Collins / Gattaca
. . . . . . Kill Bill trailer
. . . . . . Sequential
. . . . . . Global Agenda
. . . Dani Delaney / Mask
. . . Martin Dominguez / Story Investigations
. . . Joey Ellis / Cropping
. . . . . . 3D Typography
. . . . . . Roots (Craig Cutler Award)
. . . . . . Einstein portrait
. . . Christine Faulkner / Paul Jones typography (Justin Howes Award)
. . . Alex Finklestein / Social cause logo
. . . Jessica Harte / Anthropologie
. . . . . . Story Investigations
. . . Courtney Heffernan / Journal
. . . . . . 25 bottles, 25 stories
. . . Craig Hench / Calendar
. . . Anthony Romano / Calendar
. . . Eric Sailer / Farenheit 451 (Talley Award) (Craig Cutler Award)
. . . Rachel Stuart / Social cause logo
. . . . . . Cropping
. . . . . . Story Investigations

Third-Year 'Moments of Creative Brilliance" awards
. . . Matthew Bobel / Contemporary portrait
. . . Courtney Bowditch / VCUK’06 fishing
. . . . . . Tabasco
. . . . . . Une>en
. . . . . . Wine labels (Talley Award) (Justin Howes Award)
. . . Debbie Carleton / RI v AL
. . . . . . Calendar
. . . Paul Carpenter / Contemporary portrait
. . . Rachael DeeringerSharyn LangeSam Resta
. . . . . . Adam Tatz, & Lauren Winiker / HybridCenter.com
. . . Nicole Demotsis / Armani fashions
. . . Nicole Gengaro / Design anchor
. . . Megan Isom / Product catalog
. . . . . . Design anchor
. . . Sharyn Lange / Product catalog
. . . Jackie Mellow / Travelocity
. . . Danielle Pacheco / Travelocity
. . . . . . The Fragging
. . . . . . Calendar
. . . Meggie Repp / Wine labels
. . . Sarah Rosenthal / Product catalog
. . . . . . Shopping bag
. . . Jackie Ruiz / Cropping
. . . Haley Smith / Holga photos (Craig Cutler Award)
. . . Austin Sneeringer / Passengers
. . . Adam Tatz / Global Agenda
. . . . . . Wine labels
. . . . . . Sin City trailer
. . . . . . Ficus Frenzy
. . . Lauran Winiker / Urban Outfitters
. . . . . . 304 portfolio

Fourth-Year 'Moments of Creative Brilliance" awards
. . . Dana Abrams / Tete-á-Tete
. . . Phil Conway / CD package
. . . Kathleen Cunningham / Illustrations
. . . . . . Semester calendar 
. . . Lana Frankel / Rabbit
. . . . . . Elephant
. . . Allison Fisch / Blistex
. . . Allison FischKeri Yapaolo / Mississippi Mud
. . . Jen Fose / Tea Company (Justin Howes Award)
. . . David Huynh / Pilot
. . . Jenny Kraemer / Wine Labels
. . . . . . Holiday posters
. . . Dan Lisowski / Syringe
. . . Tara Mangini / Calendar (Craig Cutler Awards)
. . . Tara ManginiAlison Medland / Gossips
. . . Alison MedlandDana Abrams / Conference kit
. . . Lauren Moore / Editorial spread
. . . Stephanie Patrizio / VC semiformal posters
. . . Ioanna Phillippou / Why Bee Small
. . . . . . Love
. . . Rachel RobertoDana Abrams / Strut
. . . Carson Sloan / New York poster
. . . . . . Editorial spread
. . . Vince StraszewskiRachel Roberto / Paper dolls
. . . Jessie Taylor / Breast Cancer Awareness
. . . Matt Terranova / Marching knight
. . . Luke Watkins / New York poster
. . . . . . Snowboards (Talley Award)
. . . Janelle Wettour / Cooking
. . . Paul Wachter / HybridCenter.com
. . . . . . Hotel rip-off

Raven Press Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Letterpress
. . . Greg ColemanDebbie Carleton / New York poster
. . . Kelly Conant / Generations
. . . Allison FischKeri Yapaolo / Mississippi Mud

VC Faculty Award to Others Who Have Contributed Beyond the Call of Duty
. . . Jesse Rossa, Special Collections, University of Delaware
. . . Ann Lemon, VC class of 1984
. . . Lisa Carter Hoffacker, VC class of 1994

Paul Wachter (VC Advertising Design / '06) took home a Bronze Pencil in the advertising print category for his entry in the One Club College Competition at the awards ceremony at the Helen Mills Theater in New York City on Thursday, May 18. Just in case any of you are thinking of transferring, the Fashion Institute of Technology won the Gold and Silver Pencils for print advertising. Awards were given in 5 categories.

Franklin Tipton (VC Advertising Design / '91) is once again on an award-winning roll. This time the "Motormate" integrated campaign won Best-of-Show at the One Club Interactive Competition.

Then the "Counterfeit Mini" integrated campaign won the Grand CLIO.

He is now off to D&AD where some of his work for Mini has also gotten some award.

Brian Kadar (VC Advertising Design / '05) has accepted a position at Freedom Interactive Design in New York City. FID has an interactive client list that includes Comedy Central, Estee Lauder, Godiva, Ralph Lauren and Leo Burnett.

Brian Kadar (VC Advertising Design / '05) was a principal designer on www.calamityphysics.com which was the May 11, 2006 Site of the Day on http://www.thefwa.com, (Favorite Website Awards) which in the interactive world, is a very cool thing. Calamityphysics is for an upcoming Mystery Novel.

Ray Nichols, as a guest of Franklin Tipton (VC Advertising Design / '91) who works at Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami, attended the 2006 One Club annual awards ceremony Wednesday, May 10 at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City. This is likely the most important U.S. competition (although clearly lots of international entries) for advertising. Franklin picked up 3 Gold awards, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze for his creative work. Wonderful sitting there watching it unfold in front of a killer audience. The awards ceremony for Interactive design is Friday and likely there are a bunch more awards that will come then.

The catalog for the evening also listed the schools represented in the One Club invitational student exhibition which highlights the work from 21 advertising design programs across the globe. Schools included

     Academy of Art College / San Francisco, CA
     Adhouse / New York, NY
     Art Center College of Design / Pasadena, CA
     The Book Shop / Culver City, CO
     Brigham Young University / Provo, UT
     The Creative Circus / Atlanta, GA
     Fashion Institute of Technology / New York, NY
     Miami Ad School / Miami, San Francisco, Minnesota, Europe
     Minneapolis College of Art & Design / Minneapolis, MN
     Panamericana School of Art & Design / São Paolo, Brazil
     Portfolio Center / Atlanta, GA
     Pratt Institute / Brooklyn, NY
     School of Visual Arts / New York, NY
     Southern Methodist University / Dallas, TX
     Syracuse University / Syracuse, NY
     Universidad Anáhauc del Sur / Mexico City, Mexico
     University of Colorado / Boulder, CO
     University of Delaware / Newark, DE
     University of Oregon / Eugene, OR
     University of Texas / Austin, TX
     VCU Adcenter / Richmond, VA

Visual Communications took its second New York field trip of the semester. Highlights included the annual New York VC grads portfolio review; Society of Illustrators annual exhibition of the Advertising, Institutional and Uncommissioned category; the Morgan Library where a small group got a nice tour from the curator of manuscripts and then saw a wonderful display of both books and manuscripts; the Museum of Modern Art and the Edvard Munch exhibition; the Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum of Art; and a large group visited Andrew Zolty (VC Interactive Design / '02) at Agency.com (who also sponsored our portfolio review that evening). A group also went up to Lincoln Center to check on David Blaine who was spending a full seven days in a water-filled snowdome and pushing the human body to its physical limits.

The NY VC grads portfolio review was attended by at least Ann HennessyDarcy Fraschilla EveleighLizzy FerraroChris MearsDaniela MontañezFranklin TiptonRussell FrazeBecky KerrsHowie RonaySean CusackNick EveleighMarco KayeJason LucasNicholas MordecaiEric SingletonRobin SternBen ThomaAndrew ZoltyNatalie OkinBennie JacksonJillian CordesJessie Perlin, and Anthony Dipaula.

Eric Collins (manly) and Adam Tatz (highly) continue their effort producing the opening video for the Global Agenda lecture #6. This week's lecture is for John McLaughlin, former Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. [opening]

Lost and foundScott Sorokin (VC Advertising Design / '84) has become President of Carat Fusion, a digital agency in San Francisco and Boston. Clients include Adidas, Napster, P&G, Echostar, Kia, Phillips, Hasbro, Schick, Pfizer ... about 80+ clients. Before this position Scott was the Global lead at McCann/MRM on Intel. He is interested in interns.

Lost and foundTomas Jones (VC Graphic Design / '98) has taken his next career step to at Avenue A - Razorfish in Portland, OR. Their website describes 'Avenue A | Razorfish as an interactive services firm that helps companies use the online channel as a marketing and business tool. We combine data, insight-driven design, leading technologies and rigorous optimization to build strong brands and improve relationships with customers, employees and partners.

Glenn Stevens (VC Advertising Design / '96) is having his first solo exhibition of 35 mixed-media works at the beautiful and spacious Soma Salon & Gallery (1610 Locust Street) in Philadelphia. The show will stay up through the summer. You can sample Glenn's work here.

April 2006

Agency.com, the full service interactive agency, today announced that Andrew Zolty (VC Interactive Design / '02) has been selected to represent Team USA in the Cannes Lions Young Creative Competition in Nice, France. Zolty, a Senior Art Director in Agency.com’s New York office, was selected from among 25 finalists. As a member of Team USA, he will attend the Cannes Advertising Festival and participate in a three-day creative competition showcasing the best and brightest young creative minds in the world. “Having an inspiring talent like Andrew on our team makes it an exciting place for all of us to not only work, but to learn and grow,” said David Eastman, CEO of Agency.com. “This is a prestigious competition with a tradition of producing great work, and I know he will do us proud.”

As part of the competition, Zolty will be paired with Tracey Smith and Nic Aldana of McCann Erickson/NY to create original work for a client to be named. The competition begins at the start of the festival on June 17th, when the teams receive a creative brief, and runs through June 19, when judging will commence. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the winning teams and presented during the Press & Cyber Lions Awards Ceremony on June 21st.

“Andrew is the well-rounded individual that embodies everything we love about our staff. We are not surprised that he was selected, given his unique creative talent and passion for technology,” said Tom Ajello, Vice President of Creative, Agency.com. “This is a much-deserved honor for someone who has inspired so many of his team members. We are very proud to have Andrew represent Agency.com and the U.S. at Cannes.”

Glenn Stevens (VC Advertising Design / '96) enjoyed the seat as a guest critiquer for the 4th-year advertising design class on Wednesday, April 26.

Ed Colker, a member of the Grollier Club in New York City (an organization of book collectors) had donated about 75 books, articles, and samples of printed work to the Raven Press at the University of Delaware library.

The now annual VC Semi-formal (this was the second) was held at the Chesapeake Inn in Chester, MD on Tuesday, April 25. The brainstorm of Stephanie Patrizio (VC Graphic Design / '06), the evening offers VC a chance to dress up and it seems to bring the best out in everyone. While most VC students attend there is also a great turn out of past VCers, friends, roommates, dates, and others. Phil Conway spun the tunes and as always generating a bit of controversary in his selections. Other notable contributors to the evening beyond Stephanie and Phil included Rachel StuartLaurel SargentMegan IsomPete Radocaj, and Bill Deering. Our thanks to everyone that helped and everyone that attended. [Photos from Bill Deering and Ray Nichols | link to forums showing student photos]

Paul Wachter (VC Advertising Design / '06) had his work selected in the prestigious College Competition sponsored by The One Club for Art & Copy in New York. His campaign was one of 20 chosen from around the world for the advertising component of the competition. His work has also been awarded a 'pencil' (a first for VC in this competition) signifying it was one of the three best. We won't know which pencil until the awards ceremony held in May. Stay tuned.

Tesia Farquhar Barone (VC Advertising Design / '96) was a guest speaker to Visual Communications on Thursday, April 20 with the showing of her first film, Rent Control. Tesia is a Creative Director at the Philadelphia advertising agency, The Brownstein Group. This was the first public showing of the film outside of Philadelphia where the film was made. Tesia went through a nice question & answer session afterwards to students showing interest in film.

Matthew Carter, world renown type designer, spent three days with us, giving the Raven Press inaugural address of LetterWordLinePage on Tuesday, April 11. His lecture on the history of experimental typography to an audience of approximately 300, illustrated with dozens of slides, showed a variety of attempts to develop new type treatments including backslanted italic type, joining the 'th' and the 'ng' characters into a new character, emphasizing the top half of the characters (easier part to read), and dozens of others. Some were quite odd and others made you wonder why they didn't take off a bit better.

The turnout was wonderful and included a large number of students, letterpress printers from as far away as Washington, D.C., and guests from the Smithsonian and the Government Printing Office. It looks like Raven Press has a lot of new friends.

The introduction to the audience was made by Tom Apple, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Gifts from Raven Press to Mark Samuels Lasner (a guestbook for visitors to his collection of Victorian books in the University of Delaware Library) and a photograph of the Gutenberg Bible from the Life Magazine issue of the 100 greatest moments of the millennium which was taken by VC graduate Craig Cutler (VC Applied Photo / '83) were given to Susan Bryntenson, Director of the University of Delaware Library, and to Mike Kaylor, Master Printer from Washington College who has been the guiding light for Raven Press. They all seemed surprised.

Several students and faculty were entertained at lunch at the Deer Park with Matthew.

Bernie Herman and Ray Nichols recorded an interview with Matthew and are hoping to produce a fine press book, perhaps during the summer.

Eric Collins (grasshopper) and Adam Tatz (moth) have produced the opening for the fifth installment in the Global Agenda lecture series. John Bolton, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, is at 6:30, Monday, April 10 in Mitchell Hall. Nice to think about your work being for people at this level [Bolton opening]

The 4th-year Graphic Design majors made a splash at the portfolio review hosted by AIGA Baltimore at the Maryland Institute College of Art's wonderful Brown Center. The event was well run, included two speakers, as well as 3 - 4 reviews sessions for each student and their portfolio. The students returned with smiles on their faces and confidence that their portfolios are ready!

Side note from the troops: "We rocked the place. Students overheard reviewers talking about how awesome the UD books were. Phil Conway was deliberately led to show his portfolio to someone else (of course messing up the schedule of how these things are supposed to go)." From Hendrik-Jan: "I had three reviewers come find me to shake my hand to congratulate me on the wonderful books, how prepared the students were with business cards and leave behinds. All three asked for my card so they can contact me. Two made note of how the books were better than MICA's."

Sounds like a nice job on the part of everyone involved. Congratulations.

Ray Nichols, joined with the Chesapeake Chapter of the American Printing History Association for a tour of the Government Printing Office in Washington, DC and a nice trip to see the Hatch Show Print exhibition at the Kennedy Center.

Eric Collins (Myth) and Adam Tatz (Legend) continue their effort producing the opening video for the Global Agenda lecture series. This week's lecture is for Gal Luft, co-founder of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security. [opening]

March 2006

A campaign for Elder & Jenks paint brushes won a Silver Medal at the 2006 Philadelphia ADDY competition. Chris Hanlon (VC Advertising Design / '93) and Ivan Markos (VC Advertising Design / '05) were listed as art directors and Nicholas Eveleigh (VC Applied Photography / '89) was the photographer.

Kate Lynch (VC Graphic Design / '05) has accepted a position with Gyro Worldwide in Philadelphia. She joins classmates Eric SwartzwelderJenna Holcombe and Jessie Bazata, along with VC grads Scott Bozarth and Jenn Denis. Six graduates in the same place sounds like it is starting to be an everyday VC reunion.

Steve Boyd (VC Graphic Design / '88) is in Doha, Qutar for nine months to work on the Asian Games, basically a regional Olympics and the counterpart to the Commonwealth and Pan American Games. They're producing an Opening and Closing on par with the Sydney Olympics. The day he sent the email about this new gig he said he was charting a segment with 120 Arabian horses. I bet Adobe didn't know Illustrator could do that!

Ah, spring break (March 25 - 31) and the students are scattered from the 4th-year studio across the planet.

Satwinder Sehmi, a calligrapher from London and a good friend of our program visited the University of Delaware and lead workshops for our 2nd- and 3rd-year students. Sammy has been a regular visit on our VCUK study abroad trips each summer. [story & photos]

Lisa Carter (VC Graphic Design / '94) was a guest speaker and lead a critique on a project in Hendrik-Jan Francke's 3rd- and 4th-year graphic design classes. Lisa, who has up until recently been living and working in San Diego provided an project for the students to produce a magazine for the San Diego Zoo. Lisa operates LisaDesignWorks and is now living in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Jessie Perlin (VC Advertising Design / '04) and Jillian Cordes (VC Advertising Design / '04) have accepted a new position at Atmosphere/BBDO, an interactive agency, in New York City. Atmosphere.

A group of VC Grads decided to start what they hope to be an ongoing series of VC reunions with a get together on St. Patrick's Day (Friday, March 17) by throwing Ray Nichols a surprise 60th birthday celebration. Held at a recording studio in the Hotel Edison in New York City about 170 graduates (from as far away as San Francisco and Colorado), 80 husbands and wives, friends (from as far away as London), and VC faculty, gathered for what was likely the surprise (Ray thought he was in New York to see the Allman Brothers) of Ray's life.

Hugs, tears, music, gifts and cards, calligraphy, paintings, T-shirts, specially designed balloons and napkins, huge cookies, VIP tags, poster, Doves Press, slide presentation representing images over the years, and stories, stories, stories galore.

Ann Lemon, who is heading up an effort to establish a Visual Communications endowment to support speakers, trips, workshops and the like, announced that she has received $50,000 in pledges after talking to only a couple of graduates and presented a big check to mark the occasion.

The Advertising Design seniors presented Ray with a gift from all the graduates, reflecting his new interest in letterpress and the upcoming April 11th inaugural lecture for Raven Press at the University of Delaware, of the "In the beginning..." opening page from the Doves Bible (printed in 1903), generally considered to be one of the half dozen most beautiful pages ever printed.

Satwinder Sehmi, a calligrapher VCUK visits each summer in London, flew over and presented the group with a happy birthday announcement produced live at the celebration on 48" high paper using a sponge for the sweeping calligraphy which most people then signed.

And then a race car (a serious model) with just about everything Ray ever loved in design and many of the things Ray has said over his 32 years at Delaware, drawings, photographs, paintings, samples of graduate work filled the corner of the room.

In describing the evening Ray said "I have some wonderful stories about my 32 years at the University of Delaware. I may have just gotten a new #1. And it would be hard to beat what is #2."

Tesia Farquhar Barone (VC Advertising Design / '97) made out pretty well in the Philadelphia ADDY competition with 1 Gold for John Barone Photography Stationary
3 Golds for Philadelphia Federal Credit Union, 5 Golds for Tony Luke’s, 2 Silvers for PFCU, and 1 Silver for Tony Luke's. Wow.

The Visual Communications Group once again sponsored the Black Maria Film & Video Festival on Thursday, March 9. About 20 short films ranging from 18 minutes to 1 minute were shown in the Trabant Theater. The Black Maria Film & Video Festival, an international juried competition and award tour, has been fulfilling its mission to advocate, exhibit and reward cutting edge works from independent film and videomakers. The festival is known for its national public exhibition program, which features a variety of bold contemporary works drawn from the annual collection of approximately 50 award winning films and videos.

Herbert Hoover, former VC student and New York photographeris having an exhibition of his alternative process photography work at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden through April 2. See the online discription and samples of the photographs here.

BethAnne Hoffman (VC Illustration / 05) has accepted a position as Project Manager at Neustadt Creative Marketing in Towson, MD.

Greg Nobles (VC Advertising Design / '03) got good reviews in a write up about Olympic advertising. The article stated, "Viewers were in good hands with a daffy spot for Allstate that spoofed an amateur's attempt to skate like an Olympian, which caused an accident that left his car in the same state as the United States hockey team. Gold."

UDaily, March 1, ran a very nice article about Ioanna Philippou (VC Illustration / '06) and her work with children with disabilities. Ioanna took a course, Survey in Adapted Physical Education, which is intended to help students become more comfortable working with people with disabilities in a physically active environment. The experience appears to have given a new focus to Ioanna's work. [article]

February 2006

Pam Meierding's (VC / Graphic Design '97) Peace Corps continues with episode #15.

Visual Communications hosted a sold out field trip to New York Friday, February 24. Visits included on the list were AIGA's major annual design show entitled 365; a visit by the 4th-year graphic design majors to headhunter Janou Pakter (headhunter); a 3rd- and 2nd-year Graphic Design visit to graphic design firm Wajskol Inc.; 4th-year Ad Design majors visited both Bill Tsapalas at Dinoto and a creative team at McGarry Bowen to talk about their work for the current One Club Student Competition; a group visited Creative Director Marty Cooke at SS+K (need to show a photo of the view) who talked about 'The New Creativity' in advertising; Society of Illustrators annual exhibition on 'Sequential Illustration'; International Center for Photography exhibition entitled 'Che! Revolution and Comme exhibition entitled 'The Only Book'; and the Grolier Club exhibition entitled 'Claire Van Vliet & the Janus Press: Celebrating Fifty Years.'

Raven Press, Raymond Nichols and Jill Cypher hosted a poster design / printing workshop for a group of graduate students working with the Emerging Scholars Symposium through the Center for Material Culture Studies. Raymond Nichols produced their website. [poster | website]

Graduate news: Carly Tushingham (VC Graphic Design / '04) has moved her design skills to Smart Money magazine from AdWeek magazine, both in New York City.

The first lecture of the Global Agenda 2006 Lecture Series got off to a great start. Introducing the lecture series was an film produced and edited by Eric Collins (VC'08), Adam Tatz (VC'07), and faculty member Raymond Nichols. Ralph Begleiter who moderates the series had put a nice credit line for Eric and Adam at the end. Nice to see it big (20' across or so). The lectures are every other Wednesday night (except one which is Monday, April 10) and you are highly encouraged to attend. Will help you get a sense that there is something outside of the borders of Newark. [www.udel.edu/global]

The February 22 edition of the VC Film Festival (otherwise known as the Dr. Nichols Popcorn Project) had a successful showing of David Lynch's Blue Velvet.

Internship newsAllison Fisch (VC Advertising Design / '06) is interning at the Brownstein Group in Philadelphia. Tesia Farquhar Barone (VC Advertising Design / '97) is the Creative Director there.

Internship newsDavid Huynh (VC Advertising Design / '06) is interning at Red Tettemer in Philadelphia. Steve Thompson (VC Advertising Design / '94) is the Creative Director there.

A group of Raven Press supporters attended several sessions of the Rosenbach Lectures at UPenn and spread our story. UPenn has just initiated a letterpress studio and we are looking for some kind of joint participation.

Snowboarding design news from Melissa Scotton (VC Graphic Design / '04) - Heyyyyy everyone, if you didn't know I designed 6 snowboards for Roxy's 06/07 Line. It was a dream come true and a goal that I never thought I would accomplish so soon. I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas where I saw the boards at SIA (snowsports trade show) My designs were also used on boots and bindings. You all know me well and you know snowboarding is a huge part of my life, so being able to combine two of my biggest passions, design and snowboarding, is amazing.

To add even more frosting on this delicious cupcake of life, two of the boards were ridden in the 2006 Olympics in the Women's Halfpipe competition which aired on NBC tonight. The "Silhouette", a water color mountain scene illustration, was ridden by Kjersti Buaas from Norway. The "Ollie Pop", a poppy colorful vector design was ridden by Melo Imai of Japan.

Steve Boyd (VC Graphic Design / '88) is continuing his streak in Torino, Italy of working for every Olympic games presentation since he graduated.

The 2006 Advertising issue of Communication Arts magazine included the work of Kevin Moehlenkamp (VC Advertising Design / '86) for Bud Light produced through Hill Holiday / Boston, Franklin Tipton (VC Advertising Design / '90) with an integrated campaign for Mini through Crispin Porter + Bogusky / Miami, Joe Johnson (VC Advertising Design / '85), Tom Newsom (VC Advertising Design & Interactive Media / '01) with an online campaign for IBM through OgilvyOne / New York, and Franklin Tipton(VC Advertising Design / '90) with a campaign for Virgin Atlantic Airlines through Crispin Porter + Bogusky / Miami.

Katie Jensen (VC Advertising Design / '03) and Camila Secher (VC Advertising Design / '03) are now a creative team at Saatchi & Saatchi / New York and are working on the Toyota account.

group of VC students and faculty travelled to Philadelphia to see an AIGA talk with karlsonwilker, a design group from New York City. Lizzy Ferraro (VC Graphic Design / '05) works with them. [photo]

The spring semester '06 has started with these Visual Communications-related courses. If you are a student interested in VC you should find time to sit in on a couple of class sessions.

ART 201: Visual Communications Process II (Martha Carothers / Ray Nichols)
. . . MoWe 9:05 - 1:10 (009 Recitation)
ART 211: Visual Communications Imagemaking II (Bill Deering)
. . . MoWe 9:05 - 1:10 (103 Recitation)
ART 303: Graphic Design II (Francke)
. . . TuTh 11:00 - 1:00 (009 Recitation)
ART 305: Advertising Design II (Nichols)
. . . MoWe 1:25 - 3:20 (009 Recitation)
ART 311: Photographic Illustration (Deering)
. . . MoWe 3:35 - 5:30 (103 Recitation)
ART 313: Design Illustration I
. . . MoWe 9:05 - 11:00 (008a Recitation)
ART 404/405: Advanced Graphic Design (Francke)
. . . TuTh 2:00 - 6:00 (206 Recitation)
ART 404/405: Advanced Advertising Design (Lemon)
. . . Fr 12:20 - 4:25 (206 Recitation)
ART 414/415: Advanced Illustration (Pendleton)
. . . MoWe 11:15 - 2:15 (008a Recitation)
ART 414/415: Advanced Applied Photography (Rustine / Deering)
. . . MoWe 11:15 - 2:15 (103 Recitation)
ART 366/666: Letterpress in Raven Press
. . . Time still to be arranged (208 Art Studio Building)

Marco Kaye (VC Advertising Design / '02) got to see the commercial he art directed for Outback Steak House on the Superbowl which puts him into some pretty fierce competition.

The Dean's list for the fall semester 2005 has been posted. The Department of Fine Arts & Visual Communications had 34 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students listed. Named to the Dean's List are full-time students with grade point averages of 3.33 or above (on a 4.0 scale) for the semester. For a place that thinks it grades fairly hard we seem to have our share of academically sound students in VC.

The list of VC students included Dana AbramsJillian AbramsonCourtney BowditchLucas BrackenGreg ColemanDani DelaneyJoseph EllisAllison FischJen FoseLana FrankelNicole GengaroAmy HanenbergCourtney HeffernanStacy KleberDan LisowskiTara ManginiJacqueline MellowHolly MessickLauren MooreGenevieve NewberryAlicia NigaraDanielle PachecoMarissa PaskewichRachel RobertoVirginia RollisonAnthony RomanoSarah RosenthalEric SailerVincent StraszewskiLauren SwieckAdam TatzMatt TerranovaPaul Wachter, and Lauren Winiker.

January 2006

Ray Nichols and his ART306: TV Commercials to Mtv took their annual Winter session field trip to visit three firms associated with video editing in New York City. Cosmo Street is an editing house, Jump, which is both a pre- and post-production editing house offering a full range of services and who served us lunch, and Manic, who produced a wide variety of special effects, 3D rendering and some mind boggling things with digital images. Overall walk was about 80 blocks on a slightly drizzly day.

Hendrik-Jan Francke and his ART307: Interactive Design class visited two prominent Philadelphia web design firms. First stop was Wayne-based Power Design an intimate studio where Justin Lerner (VC Interactive Design / '03) currently works. Then onto Pixelworthy in center city to learn about web standards and experience a larger agency.

Raven Press has announced that Matthew Carter, internationally reknowned for his typography design will be the inaugural lecturer for the Press. This will start a lecture series called "LetterWordLineBook." The lecture will be on Tuesday, April 11 at 5:00 pm. [bio]

Job news: Thomas Newsom (VC Advertising Design/Interactive Design / '01) is now at MRM Partners, the Interactive arm of McCann Worldgroup. He says he is mainly working on Wendy’s here and that there may not be a better client for him to work on), with a little bit of Nikon and MasterCard thrown in as well.

Rent Control, the film directed by Tesia Farquhar Barone (VC Advertising Design / '97) has been selected to the Washington, DC Independent Film Festival which will be from March 2-12. There were over 1300 entries and about 160 films were selected. They were excited to get in considering it was a rough cut and didn't have music, titles, or colorization at the time it was submitted.

Ray Nichols and Jill Cypher attended the annual Edgar Allan Poe Birthday Celebration at the Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia on Sunday, January 22. They presented the keepsakes produced for the annual Deer Park birthday celebration for the past two years to Dr. Harry L. Poe, President of the Poe Museum.

Raven Press at the University of Delaware sponsored its annual celebration of the birthday of Edgar Allan Poe (his 197th) on Thursday, January 19 at the Deer Park. The event was attended by approximately 40 people and included the annual reading of "The Raven."

A keepsake of Poe's poem "Eldorado" was produced and given to the first 150 people that ate at the Deer Park that day. The design and printing was done by Ray NicholsJill Cypher and Courtney Bowditch. The piece will be included in the U of DE Special Collections along with the permanent collection of the Poe Museum in Richmond, VA. Nice to promote the Raven Press story. [story]

A group of faculty, students and alumni met up at a meeting of AIGA/Central Pennsylvania. Jack Williams brought his handbuilt reproduction wooden handpress from Connectituce to Franklin & Marshall College (celebrating the 300th birthday of its namesake) for a printing demonstration straight out of 1725.

A group of 3rd-year majors and faculty met up with a couple of 4th-year majors working on their internships at the Ellen Lupton talk in Philadelphia sponsored by AIGA / Philly. Ellen talked about her new book entitled D.I.Y. (Design It Yourself).

From an entry reported here in December Kristin Richards Lauricella (VC Graphic Design / '94) has been written up in The Review about her new business venture called Lollicakes! [Lollicakes! website|Review article]

Two Visual Communications winter session classes are in full swing. FAVC 306: TV Commercials to Mtv, a course in digital non-linear video editing, is being taught by Raymond Nichols and FAVC 307: Interactive Design, a course in web design using GoLive, is being taught by Hendrik-Jan Francke.

Raymond NicholsBill DeeringJill Cypher and Raven Press at the University of Delaware were highlighted in a full-page article in the January 2005 issue of Delaware Today magazine. [full-size page]