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Oak Knoll Fest XX pre-event tour & H.N. Werkman workshop at Lead Graffiti

Limited to 18 registrants who will be at Oak Knoll Fest XX. Free.

As part of Oak Knoll Fest XX and to be able to contribute to the incredible legacy that has been Oak Knoll Books, we are offering a free studio tour of Lead Graffiti, listen to a few stories about their favorite projects, along with a sampling of their favorite personal work and work from others. Tour will run from 60 - 90 minutes depending on the discussion.

Dress comfortably and remember that it is a print shop.

After the tour, we will run one of our H.N. Werkman workshops. If you don’t know about the workshop, click here. Be sure to look at the examples from previous workshops near the bottom of the page.

A couple of points about this letterpress workshop is that it doesn’t use any form of lockup and you print UPSIDE DOWN.

We will also give you the chance to print your copy of a 36-line Gutenberg Bible page hand composed in MOVABLE type.

Did we mention it was free thanks to Oak Knoll Books?

Lead Graffiti will have a table at Oak Knoll Fest. Stop by and look at our wares.

Our address is 120A Sandy Drive, Newark, Delaware. 17 miles from Oak Knoll Books and typically takes about 25 minutes to drive. Cell phone number if 302.547.6930 if you have trouble finding us.

With the workshops scheduled for early on a weekday, you will probably have to park along Sandy Drive. The parking lot will clear out just after 3:00.