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Letterpress in motion

We are trying to include film in what we do and it breaks down into 3 categories

  • FILMS ON CREATIVE PROJECTS, printing & lockup tips, and experimental work (at least for us) by Lead Graffiti
  • FILM BY OTHERS that includes Lead Graffiti
  • EXPERIMENTS by Lead Graffiti that might give us or others ideas about how to utilized letterpress in motion projects

Finished films by Lead Graffiti

Sandcasting 144 point Caslon, 20:00

Ray Nichols was leading a study abroad trip to The Type Museum in London. We had sponsored a sandcasting demonstration like what would have happened 150 years ago. The film was done in 2004 in 3-minute increments. It was only in 2017 that we rediscovered all of the clips.

Alphabetachaos no. 1 was a type specimen broadside of one of our wood type fonts. This film shows the lockup process for the 3rd color run and our technique of handrolling the type.


Film by others that includes Lead Graffiti

WORDS from Craig Cutler on Vimeo [3:48].

CC52 : a creative project each week for a year by photographer Craig Cutler. Craig Cutler pulled out all of the stops on the final week of his year-long personal series. Lead Graffiti’s contributions run from 1:34 - 1:46, 2:02 - 2:11, and 2:17 - 2:25.


Hanlon Creative, a Philadelphia advertising agency, brought the whole gang to Lead Graffiti for a creative retreat.

Experiments to push your and our imagination