American Printing History Association

Lifetime achievement award

ROLAND HOOVER IS A GOOD FRIEND with a well-respected career in letterpress. As a member of APHA, he was being presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for that life. We jumped at the opportunity to print the certificate.

Roland has impeccable classic taste in typography and design and our experimental work often clashes a bit. Regardless, Roland always seemed to love our work and often seemed envious at our ability to play with readability. If you look at the thank you we sent Roland for selling us his Garamond metal type, you'll see where the idea for the border came from. The border reads:

The Chesapeake Chapter
of the American Printing
History Association Lifetime
Achievement Award

We spaced the type around all 4 sides, rotated it 90° and (over)printed it 3 times in shades of dark gray. The last run, which starts in the upper left, was printed solid black, so it was just readable enough. 

Here is Ray, celebrating with Roland, on his 80th Birthday. Just for the record, this is the birthday card we gave him.


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