"A 72-point Garamond thank you"

While not an extravagant piece, we love this simple thank you.

A friend sold us his entire run of metal Garamond, from 14 point through 71 point. Probably about a 1,400 pounds of it. We've used it a gazillion times. Most all of the job cases are packed. Here is an image that Craig Cutler shot of one of them.

Full. About 95 pounds worth. It was a major edition to our collection.


He had all of the type larger than 48 point on galleys, so when we got them unloaded into the studio we thought it would be a good idea to just ink up the Vandercook and run a sample of the 72-point type.

As we were doing them, we took a couple sheets and overprinted each one. It took 6 runs as we remember to do all of that one size. A bit you can tell some of the letters by the decenders.

Turned out to make a nice thank you to send back.

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