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 Our favorite wedding invite we've designed and printed. You can link to the story at the first image below.

Our favorite wedding invite we've designed and printed.
You can link to the story at the first image below.


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We want to help you get people to this thing

Wedding invitations have always been fun to produce for a couple of reasons.

  • It is amazing to participate in such an important way in such an important moment in people's lives
  • It is fun to think you are making the people who are invited feel how important they are to the moment
  • It is fun to invite the couple to come to our studio and participate in the printing of the invitation.

Our preference is to design a custom invitation. The typical method is to interview the couple over telephone or email to find out something about them that is unique to them. Then we work to develop an idea that connects that idea to the wedding.

We also print invitations designed by someone else and several of the ones shown here are done that way.

Details about the illustraton above

In the instance of the first one below, which is likely our favorite invitation that we've designed, the couple liked to make their own beer. They were getting married at a brewery. They were serving their own beer at the reception.

Hmmm. What could we do that was going to turn this wedding into a party?

Beer coasters.

We printed the 16" x 12" invitation on Crane Lettra 220 gsm paper in 3 runs (Irish green, silver, and blind debossing). We trimmed the piece into 4" squares and rounded the corners.

We loved the idea of sending it in a box as it wouldn't have a hint as to what it contained. To even add to that we have the couple provide us with their mailing list. We took the 12 coasters and mixed them up, rotated them, etc. and put them in the box. For the bride's mailing list we put the 2nd card on the top row on top as that was part of her name and the ampersand. Hopefully this would get the recipient headed down the path that they needed to put this together in order to have it make sense. For the groom we used the 3rd card over on top.

Some greeen and white shred in the box, a nice green ribbon tying the box shut, placed in a rather anonymous padded envelope and they were off.

While not part of the planning one of the wonderful surprises that came from the project was the fact that the couple got back a bunch of coasters that could be used as placecards for the reception. 

The beer in the photo is Stella which we celebrated with in the studio long before the wedding while we were taking the photo.

Beer coaster invitation for a beer making couple


The bride loved peacock feathers


A Cape Cod destination wedding with a book of TTD


We even had to make the envelope


An invitation with a Tim Burton kind of swing to it


A runner's wedding

Turkish with a bunch of new accents


They really wanted it to snow, snow, snow. And it did.


We wanted a dozen save the dates sent monthly.


Invitation to go along with the Leonard Baskin book


A dozen photographic keepsakes for an exhibition