Class Completion Certificates
for sailing the Kalmar Nyckel
— Delaware's tall ship

Delaware has an amazing tall ship and you can take classes in how to sail her and then . . .

, , . you can sail on her.

For a while we were pretty caught up in an involvement. We took, and passed, the 11-week course, learning knot typing, belay points, sailing strategy, safety maneuvers, rescuing someone that goes overboard, cleaning up, cleaning up, cleaning up, sanding, painting, sewing, and a couple hundred other details that go into maintaining and sailing a 1630s ship.

We strongly encourage anyone with any interest in history, sailing, stepping outside their comfort zone to look into it. Also a great tour for your kids.

When we were taking the classes we did a portfolio of sheets that outlined the various topics from each stage. 

During the week following a class we would produce a sheet and bring enough to give them to everyone in the class. Turned out to be a nice way to help you remember what turned out to be a lot of pieces to remember.

  1. Vocabulary and knot tying
  2. Mustering for fire drill
  3. Memorizing all of the belay points
  4. Scramble test
  5. Belay location competition
  6. Doing a boat check
  7. Working with the mizzen sail
  8. Working with / against wind direction
  9. Another text
  10. Certificate ceremony

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