There are clients and there are clients


The first time we went to the National Stationery show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City we though we were in heaven. Turns out to be an expensive trip and the competition, which we were expecting, was tough and there we were and no one knew our work. We only made a few sales and not nearly enough to pay for the booth and surrounding costs (and we had a free place to stay).

The one thing that did happen was that one of the people involved with the store at the Metropolitan Opera stopped by our booth. We have a pretty good reputation for printing things that are difficult to print and it got their attention. They had a 3-ring binder of things they were interested in. From this meeting at Javits, we did a variety of letterpress project and printed thousands of cards that they sold through their store.

We tried to find a way to get into the posters for the Met Opera, but that is seriously a hard nut to crack.

One other project we did which we though was just plain fun was this one for S crystals that were being replaced and were put up for sale.

Next other : Alphabetachaos 1000-piece puzzle