Edgar Allan Poe's Nevermore" :

an afternoon diversion birthday present

Another attempt to walk up to the edge of readablity.

The local just-off-campus bar in Newark, Delaware, is the Deer Park. There is an urban legend about Edgar Allan Poe stopping there back around 1850 to savor the drink. No proof (no pun intended) of this event exists, but the logo for the bar is a raven.

Each year when Edgar's birthday rolls around we often will print something. The first one of these back in our Raven Press at the University of Delaware days was 200 copies of a small booklet of "The Raven," A copy was given to every person that day that ordered a meal off the menu.

We'll throw a photo of that booklet in her just because we can and because there isn't going to be another place in this website to highlight it.

We tried overprint the letters of the word "Nevermore" so as to make it barely readable.

Worked pretty well in 6 runs.

And as one more added issue with Edgar Allan Poe, when we started Raven Press at the University of Delaware, the students got world-reknowned British designer, Alan Fletcher to design a logo for the press as a gift to the faculty for a study abroad experience. Saying this in the most positive way, only students would have the nerve to ask something like this from someone like Alan Fletcher.

 Alan Fletcher's drawing used for the Raven Press logo

Alan Fletcher's drawing used for the Raven Press logo

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