Electric Fire from the Clouds

Electric Fire from the Clouds


Electric Fire from the Clouds is a collaborative book project between Ray and Martha Carothers, a long-time teaching colleague. Martha contributed the text, following the 18th-Century recollections of Joseph Priestley about the electricity experiments of Ben Franklin.

The book pages utilize a background of "ink pulls" with the text of each page organized based on each of the random patterns. Consequently the same page in different copies will have a different background image as well as a different arrangement of the typography.


SIZE :  8.5" (w) x 17" (h) x 1" (d)

PAGES : 26

PAPER : French Speckletone Black 140# throughout

COVER : Slipcover

BINDING : Flutter book format / glued along foredge

TEXT : Intertype Franklin Gothic Condensed 24 point and digital

PRINTING : Intertype hot metal and photopolymer plates

OTHER : numbered and signed by Martha Carothers and Ray Nichols

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