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KNOW SOMEONE WHO ENJOYS WORDPLAY? An erudite punster perhaps? These are not your typical English teacher's cards. It's all about the contraction—NOT! 

  • AILMEN'T : for a friend who's returned to the land of the living after a bout of the flu or the blues

  • ANCIEN'T : for someone who is young at heart regardless of the number of birthdays or the mileage

  • DISTAN'T : for closing down the miles between and reminiscing about being closer for a little while

  • EXPECTAN'T : for celebrating the amazing feat of not being pregnant, yet still with child

The text of each card is a rewritten dictionary definition to follow the intent of the card.

Printed via letterpress in 3 colors on Mohawk Superfine with envelope.

Available as single cards or as a set of 8 cards with 2 of each image.

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