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JUST ADD CRAYONS. These nifty note cards are especially for kids who can't write (or for adults who can't draw). Make wonderful keepsakes for the grandparents once the little ones have added their colorful doodles on top. AND without the doodles, these cards make sophisticated greetings with their deeply debossed images.

Butterflies : use this for anything from "Miss you" to a nice "Thank you" for an outdoor play date

Candles : can't think of a better reason to use this card than a birthday.

Hearts : Valentine's Day, of course, or just to say "I love you".

Talk bubbles : can't write and can't talk. Perfect.

The cards at the left were shot under extreme light to show the texture of the graphics. Printed via letterpress blind debossing (no ink) on Crane Lettra Fluorescent White with matching envelope. 

Note : it is hard to fake drawing with crayons like a 2-year-old, so you should just let them scribble away and enjoy the results.

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