16" Onyx intials

16" Onyx intials


We had been wanting some large letterforms in our letterpress studio for a while. We love the condensed look of the typeface "Onyx," so we decided to cut them. Each is hand rolled in black and silver ink. There is always a bit of the letter left uninked and is blind debossed. The paper is Somerset Textured White 300 gsm.

The ampersand is the same general width as many of the other letters, but it has been slightly reduced in height to help balance it, if someone might want "R&R."

We thought they would make a great wedding gift (maybe 3 of you could buy the 2 first letters of the couples name and an &),initials for the birth of a child, to help mark someone's office territory, a designer, a writer, etc.

There are frames available at IKEA for about $10 that fit the letters quite well.

It is worth pointing out that each of these is hand rolled, so each is at least fairly unique. Once we decide how to roll a letter we try to stay generally the same for each one we make. So parts that are fairly black tend to stay that way. The open areas the end up blind-debossed tend to stay that way.

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