THIS IS ONE OF OUR VERY FAVORITES. We were trying to figure how to promote that we try to be considerate of the planet, using recycled papers as much as possible, etc. Hmmm. How about just cutting out the middleman and using the paper BEFORE it gets recycled?

We save our packaged-goods boxes (plus we have some friends who set aside their selected trash for us) and cut them down to a usable size.

We figure out something to say, design it on the computer to fit the card and make a photopolymer plate of the BACKGROUND of the type. That gets printed via letterpress in silver, which is pretty opaque, and leaves the original packaging image to show through only where the words are. Cool, huh?

In the photo at left, the bottom card is printed on a Cheerios cereal box. "Chew on this" idea for a while. You can also usually see the impression of the cans on the beer and soft drink cartons we use.

NOTE: We're happy to print a custom BOXCARD for you if you buy 50 of them. 

Typically these cards are printed on all kinds of packaging based on what we have on hand at any given time. More selective packaging requests (such as a particular brand of beer, cereal, etc.) may require more time in order to collect the necessary type and quantity. 

Drop us a note if you have a BOXCARD idea you'd like to discuss.

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