Swarm of Bs

a keepsake in exchange for dinner

Mark Samuels Lasner, a long-time patron of our work, offered a dinner in Wilmington, Delaware, and a tour of the Mark Samuels Lasner Collection at the University of Delaware Library as an auction prize in support of book arts.

Mark invited us to join him and Margaret for dinner.

We thought we could add to the experience for the auction winners by creating a book keepsake to remember the evening.

The image above shows the cover with one of Jill's wonderful spines playing off the idea of "bees."


The opening spread was a hint at the main spread of the inside.


Book words with the Bs having flown the coup.

Mark had all of the participants sign the books, which was a nice touch. We are really glad we have the record.


Above is the back cover.

We love having this kind of project that we can contribute to wonderful events that happen to our lives.

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