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Click the arrows to just look at the broadsides.

A red heart to the lower left of the broadside says there is more story. Click it. Don't confuse it with a heart that is inside the broadside. That is another story.

Tour de Lead Graffiti / 2011

Click on the arrows to move through the 23 broadsides produced as a visual journal of broadsides, for each of the stages and rest days of the Tour de France, July 2 - 24, 2011

A red heart at the bottom left of the image indicates the broadside as one of our select favorites and/or has a good story to tell.

The issue with the 2011 edition of Tour de Lead Graffiti was that we really had no idea how it would work even if it worked pretty well.

  • What do we do on days when really nothing important or news worth happens?
  • What should we include as a matter of record?
  • How should we deal with the people who are starting to line up as collaborators?
  • Will 23 days in a row, eating at the same restaurant, always having dessert, burn us out on The Glass Kitchen or
  • perhaps we'll all just put on about 30 pounds?
  • Will watching be different when you need to watch literally every moment because missing it might cost you a good theme for a broadside?
  • How many broadsides out of the 23 REALLY NEED to be good?
  • We'll surely do a couple we like, but what happens if it is truly only a couple?
  • Can we sell any of them?
  • Will building 26 large clamshells somehow scar us for life?

The answers were 1) find something to say, 2) something to help us remember the story, 3) make them watch and tell them what it is that makes us sit and do this 4 hours a day for 3 weeks, 4) give it a shot and remember to tip well, 5) might be a good time to read a good diet book, 6) yes, 7) 50%, 8) not promote that we are doing this, 9) not as many as we wish, and 10) pretty much,

We started it with enough Kickstarter money to easily make it worth doing and never through the whole month of July even remotely thought we would ever do YEAR TWO.

Broadsides are 14.5" x 22.5", printed from handset wood & metal type via letterpress.