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Umlaut heaven

Two broke English grad students from the University of Delaware walked into the studio one day. That surprised us as we don't get much walk in traffic. They literally had no money and were getting married and wanted a wedding invitation. Ray, coming from a life time of teaching couldn't resist wanting to help and gave them an estimate off the top of his head that barely covered the paper and plates. Smilingly, they accepted.

It would be simple. They had color photocopies of an architectural mosaic from the place where the wedding would be held. We said we would glue them to the back of the card, There was also a small informational card. 

They came back in about a week to pick it up and said rather non-chalantly, "Did anyone mention the Turkish wedding?"


Well, they were also getting married in Turkey and could we make another card for that occasion, but in Turkish.

This is it below.


That experience turned out to seriously typographically cool.

The first word has 4 umlauted letters. That word also has a "g" with a u-shaped accent. There are a number of lowercase "i"s without dots and Istanbul has a capital I with a dot. There is also an s with a cedilla. And how about that weird flourish that was part of the typeface? Had to throw that in.

Not the coolest design, but we loved adding a few typographic elements to our experience. We were a pretty serious part of a serious moment in their young lives and we loved that.

Next invitation : black lace simple