Thank yous are becoming a lost art

We hope some students get to this page. Not in all cases, but generally you don't show your appreciation for someone else's effort to help you.

If you are a teacher and you get to this page, you need to read it and you need to make sure your students read it.

Craig Cutler, a former student and a seriously good advertising photographer in New York and Californig, wanted to come to Lead Graffiti to shoot an editorial story about old school technologies. He spent two days in the studio finding all kinds of dust and piles of things to shoot. He brought all kinds of equipment, some of which was the lighting stands in the photo above.

After 2 days I drove him over to Amtrak for his ride back to NYC while his assistants packed up everything. When I got back they were gone, but they had left the lighting stands. I immediately called Craig.

"They left the lighting stands!"

Craig said,

"Keep 'em."

I said,


Craig said he was moving into a new studio space and the last thing he wanted was some old, banged up lighting stands.

As it turned out the exact thing that we needed in Lead Graffiti was old, banged up lighting stands. We use them all the time. Almost every stillife photo you see in this website has those stands hovering over it.

We handrolled the letters to spell out "THANKS" and for about 2 hours slowly got things aligned horizontally and centered in the black seamless  backdrop..

"Thanks." Big time.

Here are 4 of Craig's 4 x 5, black/white film photos from the 2-day photoshoot.