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TAKE A BREAK FROM YOUR NORMAL EVERY DAY and join a Lead Graffiti workshop. Don't waste any more of your life not giving things a try. A little money and a day out of your life isn't a huge deal. Whether you just want to have fun or you want to get serious, letterpress and bookmaking are ideal for that "I-made-this" accomplishment and personal satisfaction in craftsmanship for young and old alike.

THE HARD PART : Design issues, paper choices, ink qualities, impression parameters, and tight registration requirements each pull in their direction and can seem overwhelming. 

THE EASY PART : Workshops can help you sort out your aptitudes and safely jump off the cutting edge into the deeper end of the pool. They can teach you how to think along different creative pathways, get the most out of your project, care for your equipment, and raise your confidence level. Also taking our technical workshops will allow you to rent our equipment to do your projects for fun or for profit.

THE MONEY PART : Students and faculty have several options for covering the cost of Lead Graffiti workshops for fairly large groups.

  • Your school can pay directly.

  • Students can pay directly.

  • The cost can be split between the school and the students.

  • Professional organizations often offer to fund students to attend workshops.

The following applies to all workshops

  • For your workshop, wear comfy shoes (our concrete floor is hard) and work clothes (you will get dirty). Dress for the weather—we are not air-conditioned, and in winter the heat can tend toward the ceiling 20 feet up.

  • All tools and materials are supplied. Workshops longer than 4 hours include lunch. Be sure to bring questions and your camera and a notebook to record your process.


Workshops overview

Dirty hands no. 1 : CREATIVE LETTERPRESS

We do the setup and clean up, which leaves you free to focus on the what-if part of the letterpress process. These workshops are a great option for students looking for a great one-day, first-hand experience or professionals wanting an imagination boost outside the office.

Creative Letterpress workshops overview

Meander Book96 - 1415+$85 - 120
H.N. Werkman36 - 158+$70
Quotable Broadside46 - 18?15+$60
Holiday Cards7 - 82 - 815+$120

Click the workshop title for a description.



Technical workshops focus on the how. You'll get into the nuts-and-bolts science of printing, equipment capabilities and maintenance, which any serious hobbyist, artist or budding entrepreneur will need.

After completing a technical workshop you can rent the equipment and our space to do your personal projects, whether for yourself or for a client.

Technical Letterpress workshops overview

Letterpress 10182 - 615+$120
Vandercook62 - 615+$120
Floor-Model Platens62 - 616+$120
Iron Hand Press62 - 815+$120
Intertype62 - 615+$120

Click the workshop title for a description.


Dirty hands no. 3 : BOOKMAKING

Bookmaking is a logical connection to letterpress, allowing you to create a somewhat more interactive work in multiples. Learning to use some basic tools, materials, techniques, and binding formats frees your imagination to explore your creative side more confidently.

Bookmaking workshops overview

1 Day, 1 Book82 - 810+$120
Paste Paper34 - 810+$70
Clamshell Boxes4 - 54 - 1015+$100
Coptic Stitch62 - 610+$120

Click the workshop title for a description.


Good to know

OUR 2,200 SQUARE-FOOT STUDIO SPACE has room to hold all of you, from just 2 people on up to 20, in a pinch. Over 1,500 people have taken our workshops and tours. The processes may be old school, but your results can be colorfully fresh and all yours to keep or share. Get your hands dirty and get ready to experiment in any one of 3 ways: Creative letterpress, Technical letterpress or Bookmaking, or to register for a workshop.