Zoe's book / 2018

An interesting kind of Christmas present to Zoe, for us, and it has nothing to do with letterpress.

Zoe, aged 5 1/2, plopped into the family around May 2017. She has every present a kid could hope for. Christmas rolled around and walking through the mall nothing seemed to jump out for us to buy. Nothing video for sure. We like to give books to encourage reading and developing imagination and we always give those. So what could we add on top of that that might be different than any other present you might imagine a kid getting.

Tray is great about finding ways to get together with the gs (that is a plural "g"). Ray, the grandfather, is gRay. Jill, the grandmother, is gJill. Together we are the gs.

As it turns out schools do all kinds of things to mess with the schedule of parents. Snow days. Off day just so teachers can have a day together. Sick. We've said that generally in a pinch we'll do the Zoe-sitting on any of those days, and on pretty short notice. But then some days we just get together to have lunch or even just stop by because we are in the neighborhood.

gJill (note that even when it starts a sentence that g is lowercase) draws killer and colorful typography and has the most wonderful humor. gRay can make up a story out of nowhere.

So, our major present is a book, a journal, of every time Zoe gets into the same space as we are in. We think it is going to be fun. Now to stick to it.

If you are so inclined, you might bookmark this page. The newest completed spread will always appear at the top of this page. 

The book has 42 spreads.

  Zoe turns 6, January 2018.

Zoe turns 6, January 2018.