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Printed slowly & patiently via letterpress

WELCOME TO LEAD GRAFFITI, a laboratory of sorts in Newark, Delaware, for all things letterpress—a place where you can do some serious experimenting, as well as creative & playful tinkering because :

  • YOU BELIEVE your life needs more creative fun, adventure or collaboration.
  • YOU BELIEVE you have a compelling project that needs to be printed via letterpress either by your hands or ours,
  • YOU BELIEVE you need a press and space to work some magic.
  • YOU BELIEVE you need to fine tune your skillset, work on spontaneity, or precision. 

WE'D LIKE TO INTRODUCE OURSELVES. Staffed by Ray Nichols and Jill Cypher, Lead Graffiti straddles the worlds of a working museum and a letterpress testing laboratory. We each have a professional graphic designer's background of over 35 years. THEN we started doing letterpress. Consequently, we're always trying to push the conceptual and technical envelope to see what interesting thing letterpress can do next, looking for things that aren't like what others are doing, be it creative or technical. 

  • WE BELIEVE creativity should be a higher priority both in time spent and value associated.
  • WE BELIEVE all people, especially kids, need the opportunity to experience “aha” moments.
  • WE BELIEVE in the road less traveled. 
  • WE BELIEVE in the importance of working spontaneously.
  • WE BELIEVE experimenting is often the best path to success.
  • WE BELIEVE in stockpiling shelves of ideas.
  • WE BELIEVE in knowing how to read a ruler, using tools, and doing math in your head.


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Photography by Lead Graffiti except as noted.