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After Ray's retirement from teaching we started to dream of a 1,000 square foot space away from the house that we could equip a working letterpress museum. In February 2008 we rented 120A Sandy Drive, Newark, Delaware, a 2,200 square foot space. We've been there ever since.

We are in the end of the building closest to the Sandy Drive. Our name is on the door. Normally you can park right at our studio and enter from the parking lot. 

Down near the bottom you can sign-up for free studio tours.


  • Vandercook Universal III, 18 x 24

  • Vandercook SP15, 14 x 18

  • Chandler & Price, 10 x 15

  • Heidelberg Windmill, 10 x 15

  • Miehle V-50, 20 x 14

  • R. Hoe Washington #5 iron hand press, 21 x 29

  • Albion iron handpress, 25 x 38

  • Tabletop #1, 6 x 9

  • Tabletop #2, 6 x 9

  • Norton proofing press, 12 x 18

  • 3 additional floor-model platens in storage


  • 1956 Intertype C4 (33 minute film on How it works)

  • 72 magazines (full and half-sized)

  • approximately 200 fonts (60 in galleys)

  • 100 molds for borders of all kinds

  • 1000s of additional characters, accented, math symbols, etc.


  • 21" digital cutter

  • 32" rotary guillotine


  • lead saw

  • double-wire punch & binder

  • paper drill

  • 24" pin perforator

  • corner rounder

  • tabletop die cutter

  • airbrush and compressor


  • We also have a 5+ smaller presses that we keep around for show.



We also maintain an extensive archive of our own work, historical letterpress and type related pieces, and the work of other contemporary letterpress printers..

  • More than a dozen books designed and produced through Lead Graffiti and Cypher + Nichols + Nichols

  • Tour de Lead Graffiti, a 5-year, 115 poster project, acting as a daily journal for the Tour de France from 2011 - 2015

  • projects printed for a variety of clients ranging from The Metropolitan Opera to resistance postcards for Indivisible / Newark, DE

  • We also maintain an extensive archive of many results from our Creative Letterpress Workshops, including more than 65 of our Meander Books, prints relating to the work of H.N. Werkman, and lots of others


WE OFFER FREE STUDIO TOURS EVERY 2 MONTHS OR SO. You can sign up for them through our online store under “workshops.” Feel free to bring other family and encourage friends that might enjoy a look back into the past. If you have a group of 6 or more, such as a class, organization, business department, we can arrange a special tour and can even try to create a focus that is more connected to your interests.

During a tour we will generally cover

  • Discussion about the history of letterpress printing, typography with a chance to hold a piece of 4,000-year-old cuneiform, and a number of great examples of early printing, and a Gutenberg page in handset metal type

  • We will show some our creative work including books, posters, cards, invitations

  • We will also show work from other contemporary letterpress printers

  • We will tour our 2,200 square foot facility with our 2 iron hand presses, 2 Vandercook cylinder presses, floor-model and tabletop platen presses, an Intertype linecaster, Heidelberg Windmill, Miele V-50, rotary paper cutter, board shears, perforator, and paper drill.

  • We will explain composition of wood and metal type, the use of California Job Cases, composing sticks, etc.

  • We will outline the output from most all of our workshops with examples.

CLICK HERE TO LINK TO OUR WORKSHOP REGISTRATION PAGE AND LOOK FOR STUDIO TOUR OFFERINGS. If you want to set something up special for groups of 6 or more just email us with a couple of suggested dates. We are happy to offer these on weekdays or evenings. Most of our weekends are taken up with workshops.