An omen from the dark arts

It was the summer of 2002 in London when our obsession with letterpress first saw the light of day. Two and a half years earlier an omen of our life-altering experience was foretold in the pages of Life Magazine.

Blue Wave broadside collaboration

We've come up with a different idea for one of our afternoon diversion projects, though it apparently cannot be done in a day. If you're interested, it's a must to be a committed Democrat or a liberal-leaning Independent.

Indivisible card #13

The idea came from an MSNBC  interview about 10 days ago about the events along the Mexico border. It was taken from a momentary phrase during a 5-minute discussion. I wish I could remember who was being interviewed. We thought the sentiment was powerful.

Paul Renner's spacing for Futura

It occurred to me that it might be interesting to buy Die Kunst Der Typographie and see how Paul Renner would use his own typeface, Futura. I did buy it. You can see that the letterspacing is wide letterspacing is incredibly wide by today's standards.

72 point Empire metal type

This was the first item of Empire type I've seen come up on eBay. With about 5 days to the end of the auction, I figured out the maximum I wanted to pay and set it. If someone went over it, so be it.

FABS was fab

The Fellowship for American Bibliographic Societies (FABS} is having their annual conference at the University this weekend and today brought a lively group to Lead Graffiti to talk books and to breathe some creative and rarified bookmaking air.

What makes Lead Graffiti so hot?

At Lead Graffiti we are extremely fortunate to have invested in the purchase of an Intertype C4 linecaster. It adds significantly to the historical value of our collection as well allowing us to offer a first-hand experience with "hot metal" type for participants in some of our workshops.

LEAD GRAFFITI HAS CONDUCTED a number of workshops with the Delaware College of Art & Design, most often working with professor John Breakey, whose design class has recently taken our H.N. Werkman Creative Letterpress workshop.

William Ibbett? Jack the Ripper?

A good friend, Casey Smith, was invited to deliver his ideas to the 2018 edition of RipperCon, a biennial conference of all things Jack the Ripper, held in Baltimore, April 7 - 8 and wanted a keepsake to accompany his talk.

Proof of our Albion's origin

Over the past couple of years we've put together a lot of circumstantial evidence that our Albion iron hand press was originally purchased to print The Frick Collection Catalog. We've finally gotten our answer.

The actual March for Our Lives

We hit the wall right at Pennsylvania Avenue and 7th Street when the March turned into a singularity, and the space between people disappeared. We were in an excellent position near speakers, a straight on view of a giant screen, and the Capital.

John Bolton : The WH / Lead Graffiti connection

Ralph Begleiter was the director of a University of Delaware speaker series entitled "Global Agenda" that invited speakers to talk about a political theme. In 2005 it was called "Rx for the President." The final speaker that year was John Bolton. We don't remember the reason, but Bolton canceled. We suspect the controversy around his hiring was probably an element.