A work in progress, this Quotable Broadside needs lots of hands to make it happen.

A work in progress, this Quotable Broadside needs lots of hands to make it happen.


Dirty hands no. 1 :
Creative letterpress workshops

YOU BRING THE IDEAS; we handle the technical part. Give letterpress a try just for fun. Chose from 4 different creative workshops that let your artistic license out for a spin around the block. Click here for our workshop calendar or contact us to request a date for your group.


Meander book

USEFUL AND POPULAR with students of design, typography, writing, and history, this workshop also makes a surprising business or departmental retreat option for team building. You will see a density of problem-solving effort compressed into one piece. And this particular book format lends itself quite easily to other portfolio and professional needs.

Start with a tour and a brief history talk with samples. Design & handset your page, keyboard & cast your name in hot metal for your book, print your book covers on a hand-cranked press, print your 2-color text pages on an automatic press, and finish with hand binding 3 copies of your 14-page, portfolio-worthy book to take away.


H.N. Werkman druksels

THIS IS SPONTANEOUS, COLORFUL FUN for children (as young as 8 with minimal adult help), families, clubs, design students and professionals. A super first-week-of-the-semester class, this workshop enables students to see letterforms as shapes with immense visual potential versus just words.

A brief, historical talk on the man and his process with samples leaves plenty of time to tinker. With 5 different presses to rotate between, you can express your imagination with shapes and color as fast as you can ink them up. 


Quotable broadside

IN DEMAND BY design-typography-writing-history classes and clubs, this half-day, collaborative workshop also makes a brief retreat option for business professionals. Get your hands on a little type, add a dash of experimentation, and print with conviction.

  • For 6 to 18 people;
  • $85 to $50 each, prorated;
  • 4 hours with snacks;
  • click here for details and photos.

Pick your theme and let everyone bring a short quote (up to 50 characters) to set by hand while including a visual twist. Load your lines into the press and print your own 2 copies as keepsakes.


Holiday card printing workshops

HOLIDAYS MAKE a good opportunity for connecting to friends and family with a made-just-for-you card. 

Two popular themes are Christmas and New Years, and Valentine's Day. Check our workshop calendar for a month or so before the holiday. If you are interested in one that isn't listed, click here to suggest a topic or a date. We'll see what we can do.