BASIC BOOKMAKING BONANZA: This weeklong workshop is ideal for educators, librarians, printmakers, dabblers and more. Whether you’re just getting started in bookmaking or simply want to polish or add to your skillset, you’ll enjoy the time, tools, space and inspiration to do it. All tools and materials provided. While a bit tentative, this workshop week depends a lot on who is interested in such a class because we would like to accommodate individual needs. As of March 1, this is what we are seeing. Feel free to email us with questions or issues.

Monday : paste paper plus assembling your own bookmaking toolbook

  • start by painting a stack of paste paper sheets to personalize your books; reference handout provided

  • create a toolbook filled with useful reference items while practicing basic folding, punching, sewing techniques and terms

  • multiple binding formats will be covered such as meander, flutter book, and accordion

Tuesday : 1 day, 1 book

  • fold, gather, punch and sew a text block with the classic bookbinding longstitch; reference handout provided

  • learn terms and materials, and add bells and whistles as you reinforce the spine before covering the book

  • assemble the cover and case in your text block to complete your first project

Wednesday : coptic stitch two ways

  • both books present lovely exposed stitching on the spine and the ability to open completely flat; reference handout provided

  • building on the previous day’s book, this single curved-needle sewing also uses folded signatures

  • ideal as an artists book or scrapbook, the double needle style inspires mixing flat sheets of varying materials

Thursday : clamshell box

  • an excellent addition to your bookmaking repertoire; reference handout provided

  • making use of typical bookmaking skills, a clamshell offers added value and protection to any book or object

Friday : field trip to Special Collections at the University of Delaware library and Oak Knoll Books

  • with its world-class Special Collections Department, the UD Library offers inspiration and hands-on examination of artists book formats and techniques

  • the internationally-known Oak Knoll Books presents a look at the commercial side of bookmaking and the chance to add to your personal reference library

Saturday / Sunday

  • work on a personal project