"Any technology-aided Shortcut robs you of the work" by James Victore


"Any technology-aided Shortcut robs you of the work" by James Victore


Practice makes perfect

EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE you come across someone who not only has a clarity of vision, but also has the ability to express it in a way that strikes a chord in you. For Ray, that someone is designer James Victore, whose podcasts, Burning Questions, he recently discovered.

Along comes Erica, a sharp Visual Communications student at the time from the University of Delaware. She had taken our Two Vandercooks technical workshop and wanted to practice a bit on a project. Ray immediately reached for a memorable quote by Victore that they could work on as a visual interpretation.

The words seem especially appropriate for being hand set in wood & metal type, hand rolled in 2 colors plus red and gray, and printed slowly & patiently via letterpress. Just another typical Afternoon Diversion project.

Shortcut tip

IF YOU WANT TO GET a reader's attention, print softly. With conviction. And print it in red.

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  • Designed and handset in Antique extra condensed wood type & Euro metal type

  • Printed via letterpress in 2 hand rolled colors plus gray and red, on a Vandercook Universal III

  • Limited edition of 30 prints

  • Size 14.5" x 22.5" on acid-free Somerset Textured white, 300 gsm, with deckled edges at top & bottom

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