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Lead Graffiti will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on Friday, February 16 in our Newark, Delaware, studio. Everyone attending (and you have to be there) will receive a 20% off gift certificate (worth up to $28) for any Lead Graffiti workshop taught through August 31, 2018. Mark your calendars. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2. See our workshop schedule.

Printed slowly & patiently via letterpress

WELCOME TO LEAD GRAFFITI, a laboratory in Newark, Delaware, for all things letterpress—a place where you can do some serious experimenting, as well as playful tinkering because you :

  • want a taste of letterpress for fun, adventure or collaboration,
  • have a compelling project that needs to be printed via letterpress,
  • are experienced and just need a press and space to work, or
  • need to fine tune your skillset, work on spontaneity or precision. 

WE'D LIKE TO INTRODUCE OURSELVES. Staffed by Ray Nichols and Jill Cypher, Lead Graffiti straddles the worlds of a working museum and a letterpress testing laboratory. We each have a professional graphic designer's background of over 35 years. THEN we started doing letterpress. Consequently, we're always trying to push the envelope to see what interesting thing letterpress can do next, be it creative or technical. 

  • We print slowly & patiently, whether the project is a spontaneous giggle or a serious gig.
  • We make books for fun, for show, and for keeps.
  • We teach you almost anything about letterpress and bookmaking you need to know to get started.
  • We work hard and play hard together and love to include others of all ages and abilities.
  • We like conceptually interesting work and we're on the lookout for good ways to break the rules.
  • We believe that because computers don't make mistakes, the random and amazing discoveries that come from working by hand just don't happen.
  • Take a look around this website and our studio. No lab coat required. Use your eyes. Every piece of equipment you see is old school.

NOW IMAGINE you are at Lead Graffiti, creating with incredible tools, using your hands or ours. Everything coming out is newly made—a treasured, handcrafted keepsake to hold and remember for a long time. Explore. Experiment. Enjoy.


Designed & written slowly & patiently via Squarespace by Lead Graffiti.
Photography by Lead Graffiti except as noted.