Of special interest to educators

Lead Graffiti is a letterpress studio lab in Newark, Delaware, and we would like to be on your schedule for outside-the-box class events. Whether your area of expertise is English Literature or Creative Writing, Printmaking or Design, History, Engineering, Libraries, Special Collections, Lead Graffiti offers tours and workshops that can add “aha” spontaneity to the day-to-day for you, your colleagues, and students. Some of you oversee large groups of faculty and we would appreciate your help in spreading the word about Lead Graffiti to those you think would be interested.

In addition to tours of our 2,200 square-foot studio, we conduct short (2 to 4 hours) and long (8 hours) workshops in creative typesetting, letterpress printing, and bookmaking for students and professionals. You may also be interested in our talks (with photos and samples) on the history of type and printing, as well as contemporary letterpress work.

Make this semester one that your students will be texting about. We welcome your inquiries about customizing your class visit to meet your needs. Send us your mailing address to receive a small packet of promotional postcards and workshop samples for review. We’re happy to arrange a studio tour for you and your colleagues and discuss how we can help you best

Be sure to check out all our workshop and event offerings on Lead Graffiti’s website. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to seeing you and your students and having some letterpress fun.

Printing slowly & patiently via letterpress,

Ray Nichols & Jill Cypher
Lead Graffiti, a letterpress lab