Electric Fire from the Clouds


Electric Fire from the Clouds


A Collaboration between Ray Nichols & Martha Carothers

ELECTRIC FIRE FROM THE CLOUDS, an artists book collaboration between Martha Carothers of The Post Press and Ray Nichols of Lead Graffiti, pays homage to Ben Franklin's discovery of electricity in 1752. The text pages are printed slowly & patiently via letterpress on "ink pulls"—sheets of paper pulled through the inking rollers on Lead Graffiti's Vandercook Universal III. The text was linecast on an Intertype C4 and then positioned relative to the pulled image on each sheet. Therefore, no two pages in any two books look alike because of the changing background and the placement of the type. To purchase this book, you will first be required to select the 10 ink pulls upon which your copy of the complete text will then be printed, hand bound, and shipped to you.

Please read through the 3 items listed here:

Production details

ELECTRIC FIRE FROM THE CLOUDS is available for purchase for $1,200 in our Lead Graffiti store online.

Edition : 40 books intended, numbered and signed by Martha Carothers and Ray Nichols, printed in 2017 - 2020 or earlier

Size :  26 pages, 8.5" x 17"

Binding : Bound by hand in a flutter book format with glued foredges

  • covered with a sliding slipcover construction in French 140# Speckletone Black with letterpress-printed covers and spine

  • main text pages are French 140# Speckletone Black illustrated edge-to-edge with opaque white ink pulls

  • includes title, preface, and colophon pages

Production :

  • cover, title page, and main text set on an Intertype C4 in hot metal Franklin Gothic Condensed 24 point, with digital photopolymer plates for preface and colophon set in Founder's Caslon

  • printed slowly & patiently via letterpress in 2 passes on a Vandercook Universal III

Purchasing details

REVIEW THE AVAILABLE INK PULLS and purchase your favorite 10 pages which will provide the backgrounds to the story pages of your book. You’ll purchase 5 “A sheets” and 5 “B sheets” (10 pages total, at a rate of $120 per page). When you are ready, click on the link above “choosing and buying your ink pulls.”

NOTE: images of the ink pull background pages are slightly brighter to help show the detail on your computer screen. Lead Graffiti welcomes any inquiries you may have about this book.

Lead Graffiti retains creative control of how the type is positioned within the image of each of your chosen backgrounds. Lead Graffiti also reserves the right to exchange an ink pull of our choice in the event of catastrophic problems during printing.

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