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 Next story :  Stage 12

Next story : Stage 12


TdLG / 2011 : Stage 3
"Rubber Bands"

Today was hump day. We've made it half way through the Tour de Lead Graffiti. It has been much easier and a much stranger feeling than I would have imagined. Still feels like only 3 or 4 long days and not the 12 in reality.

It is impossible to watch the Tour de France and not wonder, "Why can't the breakaway just ride faster?" ALMOST every time the peloton lets a group of 5 or 6 get out in front where they stay until about the last 40 km of the stage. Then the peloton reels them in as if they had rubberbands attached to them, usually catching them with about 10 - 20 km to go.

Today was a close one for the breakaway with one of them lasting until the 2 k mark which means he was out in front for about 160 k (100 miles). But the rubberbands tightened up and we saw Mark Cavendish win his 18th stage handily. He is hard to beat if he has his team lined up in front of him with the last 100 meters or so.

So, there was no big moment. It seemed like it might be interesting to try and represent that "rubberband" idea by printing FROM rubberbands. That blue/green tractor beam (we write that in there for Tray who is involved in a group that does Star Wars costuming) is rubberbands stretched from nails. Actually, once you got the packing right they were pretty easy to print. Jill liked slipping that 18 in Cavendish's name.

As far as the race leaders, everything is still the same. Tomorrow is the first day in the Pyrenées with two 'out of category' climbs so things should heat up a lot and we'll know who came to play.