The Waldorf School of Philadelphia and WHYY-TV

Since 2013 Lead Graffiti has been printing the 8th-grade graduating class diplomas for the Waldorf School of Philadelphia. This is our favorite project we do with a client. At 4:07 into the film you can see the look we hope for from the students.

In 2014 WHYY-TV, the public TV station in Philadelphia, did an episode on Lead Graffiti which ended up being in their top 10 for that year. This year they came back to us saying they wanted to do a new one. We were just scheduling the printing of the Waldorf School of Philadelphia diplomas so we set up a day and you can see the result above.

Below is the final diplomas for all 14 students from this year’s class.


Waldorf students are always the best students we work with on the whole.

  • Aggressively involved.

  • Always jump at the chance to ask a question.

  • Right up front trying to see what is happening.

An absolute joy to work with. Waldorf School of Philadelphia has been a great experience for Lead Graffiti. I think that also works backwards.