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 Next story :  Stage 7

Next story : Stage 7


TdLG / 2011 : Stage 6
"like we said, long & wet"

This was another uneventful day which is really getting us excited for the Pyrénées that start on Tuesday. This was the longest stage of this year's Tour de France, it rained, and was won by Edvald Boasson Hagen of Sky Procycling. No Poseidon. No hugs and kisses. Literally no crashes to speak of except for a strange one with Levi Leipheimer near the end which cost him a full minute.

During an earlier rainy stage Tray had wanted to compose a roostertail of spray coming off the bike wheels which can often be an interesting image on television. We ended up doing something else that time,so we decided to give it a try working with metal type and a large upside Q, representing a tire, that bled off the bottom of the page. It is pretty hard to imagine what that must be like in the middle of the peloton if you haven't been there.

We thought the solution worked out quite well. After setting it up for one color, which probably used about 400 pieces of spacing, it was pretty easy to just swap dots for em quads to set things up for the second color.

Garrett Varady, a Lead Graffiti intern from two summers ago and now a recent graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, joined us for the day.

The people we are watching maintained the same times relative to each other as the peloton finished as a group.