William Ibbett? Jack the Ripper?

A good friend, Casey Smith, was invited to deliver his ideas to the 2018 edition of RipperCon, a biennial conference of all things Jack the Ripper, held in Baltimore, April 7 - 8 and wanted a keepsake to accompany his talk.

Proof of our Albion's origin

Over the past couple of years we've put together a lot of circumstantial evidence that our Albion iron hand press was originally purchased to print The Frick Collection Catalog. We've finally gotten our answer.

The actual March for Our Lives

We hit the wall right at Pennsylvania Avenue and 7th Street when the March turned into a singularity, and the space between people disappeared. We were in an excellent position near speakers, a straight on view of a giant screen, and the Capital.

John Bolton : The WH / Lead Graffiti connection

Ralph Begleiter was the director of a University of Delaware speaker series entitled "Global Agenda" that invited speakers to talk about a political theme. In 2005 it was called "Rx for the President." The final speaker that year was John Bolton. We don't remember the reason, but Bolton canceled. We suspect the controversy around his hiring was probably an element.

A Brief History of Time

Ray has long been mesmerized by the idea of there being a Stephen Hawking, much less that there was a real Stephen Hawking. Many other things that just wander out of the darkness of his shelves of experiences and Stephen Hawking is one of them.

You're invited to the party!

Join the Lead Graffiti letterpress studio for some fun as we celebrate 10 years of printing slowly & patiently via letterpress. Saturday, February 17, from 2 to 6 pm. 120 A Sandy Drive, Newark, Delaware

Women's March / Philadelphia

Jill and I joined in the Women's Marchwith several hundred thousand marchers in 2017 in Washington, DC. This year we joined with Indivisible local members in the protests in Philadelphia.

CBAA splinter group workshop

Three staff from the library at the University of Colorado / Boulder were headed to the College Book Arts Association Conference in Philadelphia. They emailed to ask if they could jump over a day early and do a Lead Graffiti workshop. We looked up their library's holding and saw out they had a deluxe clamshell copy of our Boxcar Poems 1 - 12, a meander book, we did a couple of years ago.

Workshop start to 2018

When Ray was teaching University-level design courses in creative thinking, he loved utilizing a textbook entitled The Universal Traveler. It broke creative problem-solving and creative thinking into 7 energy states. We decided to turn part of that into a workshop that turned out to be fun.