[HAS HEART] project

Lead Graffiti will represent Delaware in a [HAS HEART] project. Once the 18-month journey is complete, the 50+ designs and their stories will be compiled and published into a coffee table book, curated into a traveling art museum exhibit, and produced into a collection of American-made consumer products whose proceeds will benefit the Veterans who co-designed them.

What would a good student do?

When I was teaching creative thinking, to add a bit of incentive to my students, I would often raise the question “What would a good student do? Right here. Right now.” to push to turn a simple opportunity into a miracle.

Locking up "Chesapeake Meander"

Jill and Deborah Arnold are working on a collaborative artists book about the Chesapeake Bay. In the photo above you can see them locking up the wood type that will overprint a 16" x 24" map of the Chesapeake which will form the base image of the text block.

This made us smile out loud

One of our favorite points-of-focus while watching the Tour was keeping an eye out for Didi Senft, a rabid Tour de France fan who wears a devil costume and carries a trident and can jump a mile high. 

"A Swarm of Bs" book & keepsake

One of the things we always say to say to students is that if they are interested in letterpress (or honestly just interested in design), they need to find real projects they can do for real people. This was one of those we could have just as easily not done.

APHA / Chesapeake Chapter 2016 calendar

Jill and I were participating in a collaborative 2016 calendar project for the Chesapeake Chapter of the American Printing History Association and I thought a black & white photo would work nicely to show the production of my July effort.