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CBBA splinter group workshop

CBBA splinter group workshop

THE COLLEGE BOOK ARTS ASSOCIATION starts its national conference tomorrow (January 4, 2018) in Philadelphia.

Three staff from the library at the University of Colorado / Boulder were headed to the College Book Arts Association Conference in Philadelphia. They emailed to ask if they could jump over a day early and do a Lead Graffiti workshop. We looked up their library's holding and saw out they had a deluxe clamshell copy of our Boxcar Poems 1 - 12, a meander book, we did a couple of years ago.

My daughter has some good travel advice for everyone, saying when you travel you should always, "Go somewhere there." Nice to have this group live by just such a mantra.

So, we thought we would offer our Creative Letterpress Meander Book workshop which is easily our favorite letterpress workshop offering. Two other people who were also going to the conference also attended the workshop along with another 2 who just found out about the workshop through our website and joined in. Click here to read about this workshop.

The filled workshop is intended for a group of 14 as the final book has the cover, title page, and 12 interior pages. With a reduced size group, we could divide it so 6 did spreads in the book, and 1 did the cover and title page.

In the image above showing the 2nd-color lockup and the final 2-color broadside, the 1st and 3rd rows have been rotated 180°, so they are right reading. Looking at the broadside and reading the rows left to right this is who did what.

  • Row 1 : title page - Virginia Green / spread 1 - Greg Robl
  • Row 2 : spread 2 - Deborah Arnold / spread 3 - Julie Seko
  • Row 3 : spread 4 - Martha Carothers / spread 5 - Louise Wallendorf
  • Row 4 : colophon / spread 6 - Susan Guinn-Chipman

And a couple of pages that make nice use of some of our collection of dingbats, typographic ornaments and border material.

College Book Arts Association exhibition

College Book Arts Association exhibition

Workshop start to 2018

Workshop start to 2018