Visit by Jim Moran of the Hamilton Type Museum to Lead Graffiti

In the photo: Ray Nichols (left) with Jim Moran looking over the 2014 Tour de Lead Graffiti Stage 19 poster.

Jim Moran, director of the Hamilton Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, spent a nice couple of hours with Lead Graffiti Monday, October 13, 2014. Jim had spoken to AIGA / Philadelphia over the weekend and was coming to Newark, Delaware, to speak to a Visual Communications class of Ashley Pigford’s. Ashley, who shares a studio space next to Lead Graffiti, asked if we would like to get some time with  Jim before his UD talk and we jumped at the opportunity.

We drove the hour up to Philadelphia to pick Jim and his wife, Nance and drove them the hour back to Newark. The drive back offered an opportunity to talk about Lead Graffiti and to give him some background information that would help us jump into the important projects we wanted to show once we arrived.

Overall, quite a nice day. And for anyone interested in letterpress a pilgrimage to Two Rivers, Wisconsin, is a rite of passage.

Jill and Ray had visited the Hamilton Type Museum back in 2006 when it was at its old location. Recently relocating to 1816 10th Street, Two Rivers, Wisconsin, they have a new view overlooking Lake Michigan.

Jim invited us to be the inaugural exhibition in the museum's new space with about 50 of our Tour de Lead Graffiti broadsides..